Multimedia content can be an ideal resource to work on different curricular aspects of any subject. We show you some apps to record video from your smartphone or tablet, and then edit it and share it with your students.

Apps For Recording And Editing Video

As a complement to these compositions, it is possible to add images captured directly from the computer screen, for which these programs are ideal for Windows or Mac computers.

Apps For Recording And Editing Video

Filmic Pro

It stands out because of the extensive control over the image result from the moment of recording. Its camera application allows you to manually control the focus of the camera, as well as the exposure, white balance and obstruction speed. In addition, it adds the possibility of recording in a configuration that starts from 1 to 240 fps in order to be able to make parts both in slow motion and with fast camera effect. It is available on devices with iOS and Android operating systems.

Video Toolbox

Devices with the Apple operating system can record video, as well as quickly edit it and add numerous effects. It features masks, more than 20 types of subtitles, watermarks, and the option to add backgrounds to footage that has been recorded on a green chroma key.

YayCam Retro

Ideal for audiovisual pieces of historical style, it has a filter that provides a vintage effect. Not only does it allow this effect to be applied to black and white or sepia-toned images, it also has image adjustments to recreate the aesthetics of the 1930s, 1950s and even videotapes. It is compatible with devices with the Android operating system.


Compatible with iOS and Android devices, it uses Artificial Intelligence to detect the best parts of each video, thus facilitating the editing process; a task that is done from the cloud. It also features facial recognition to locate the most important people in the footage.

Filmora Go

Ideal for videos that are destined to be published on social networks, it is very carefully finished. The reason? After editing the piece with the different effects that it incorporates, it can be exported in two different formats, for Instagram with a 1:1 square format or with the most common 16:9 panoramic format suitable for YouTube. It can only be used in Android terminals.

PowerDirector Video Editor

It provides the opportunity to record and edit professionally: it allows you to work with 360° video, Ultra HD 4K and all multimedia formats. It also has the option of editing videos in collage mode, so you can view several cuts at once in the same presentation, enabling multi-camera work. Available for Android and Windows devices.


Making a video in stop motion or timelapse is easier with the help of this application for Android devices. Although it does not allow recording, it takes care of breaking down the video file into frames and selecting the necessary clips to create the desired effect, significantly shortening the editing time in a traditional video editing tool.


It’s a popular choice among photographers, but has a video section with a wide range of filters and effects that can be selected directly from a menu on the main screen.

Screen Recorder

To record what is happening on the screen of Android terminals (from version 5.0 Lollipop) and be able to create tutorials or show certain processes. The Pro version also allows you to add Android, while adding a watermark during recording.

Reverse Movie FX

Besides recording, its peculiarity is that it allows to choose any video or video fragment of the terminal (or record it from the app itself) and invert both the image and the sound of it.

Gif Me! Camera

It makes the recordings in GIF format; creations that can then be easily shared on the web, thanks to its direct access to Facebook, Twitter or Google+. It also allows the use of previously captured images to create this animation.

Video Star

The clips you create use multiple effects that allow you to backtrack, clone the image, stop motion creations, or montages using a chroma key display. The foundation is always a song.

Camera MX

In addition to videos, you can also edit photos. It has interesting functions such as the so-called “shoot-the-past”, which allows you to go back in time to the moment before the capture of an image to choose and save the scene. It has a multimedia file manager and an online album in which to save or share videos.

Cinema FV-5

It allows you to adjust all the sensor parameters: from varying the exposure to the focus, the white balance, the ISO… Also to zoom in on the scene and control the focus before or during the recording.

Record Your Classes On Video With These Tools!


This app bases all video editing processing on the cloud, with the advantage that they are always synchronized between different devices. It’s ready to cut, add music, effects, filters and photos, create transitions…

ProCamera 8

As the name suggests, it relies on professional features when recording, such as improved zoom or stability. One of its most striking features is its ability to play back slow motion videos. It also allows you to adjust the audio of the video and add effects.


A quick and easy option for creating video compositions composed of video and photos. Simply select the cuts and images (up to 200); the template, with its style, text and music; and process the composition, which can be saved to the iPad’s reel, shared on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, sent via Whatsapp or uploaded directly to YouTube. The process is really fast, and multiple effects can be applied: the most visual are, for example, slow motion shots or synchronizing the speed of photos and videos with the music.


You don’t need any editing knowledge to use it, because it works completely automatically. Just choose the video, music and theme and the app will mix it all together. It adds interesting features like automatic video stabilization, filters, effects and transitions, and the ability to share your creations on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or via email.


To transform videos into classic black-and-white, sepia-colored, 1920s-style movies with the air of 60s home movies… It also allows you to slow down or speed up the cuts and include sound effects (or make silent movies).

Camera Plus Pro

It adds professional features to the terminal for capturing, editing and sharing. For example: it has separate photo/video capture controls that allow exposure adjustments, brightness lock, white balance lock, and so on; also 18 live photo filters; burst mode and various resolution options. It also includes time-lapse video – different duration settings and allows a choice of 9 live filters, as well as 9 live video filters with preview and two video quality options: 480p and 720p. Finally, it offers full resolution and real-time editing options.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe, who have some of the best and most used digital content editing platforms (photos and images, sound, illustrations…), also touch the world of video with Adobe Premiere Clip, a multiplatform (iOS and Android) app that is free and basic, but sufficient for most users. In addition, they offer a subscription model that allows you to take advantage of all its features to the limit.

Lapse It

Almost exclusively for creating time-lapses from the mobile phone, Lapse-It was born, also available for the two big mobile systems on the market -iOS and Android- and, being so specific, it provides numerous options for customizing this type of video content.

Apple Clips

A few months ago, Apple launched Clips, a specific app to record and share video content in a simple and direct way. Exclusive to iOS, Clips also allows you to add certain ‘trendy’ content such as text, effects or images, to be chosen from a large library available free of charge.


Record a video with your mobile phone or tablet and add all kinds of effects to “round it off” and share it with other users. Funimate is one of the most successful video recording and editing apps with playful objectives, with tens of thousands of comments and ratings on the different platforms -iOS, Android- for which it is available. More oriented to entertainment, but with its place in the educational world where fun is an essential aspect.


Created by GoPro, manufacturer of the most popular ‘action cameras’ on the market, Quik is an add-on for these products but also a standalone app that will allow us to record with our mobile phone and add a small and simple edition, with the value of being tremendously fast thanks to the app’s default options. Completely free, for iOS and Android, of course it also supports videos recorded on a GoPro.


You have the option of adding filters and effects while recording, as well as incorporating live vocals. Images can also be captured by alternating both phone cameras, using the flash if the environment is poorly lit. When editing, it is possible to cut the videos where necessary and add music to the final result, which is shared through social networks. The originals are saved in the application folder. Available for iOS and Android.


This tool allows audio and video recording in real time, as well as subsequent editing. To do this, it offers the user the possibility of mounting multiple layers in which to include any type of audiovisual content, as well as image and text effects. In addition to this, there is a precise cutting tool, another tool for previewing what has been edited and the possibility of sharing the final video on Youtube, Facebook or Twitter.


It allows you to make recordings without time limit and categorize them according to their use. It also includes the option to create different user profiles. In addition, it has tools with which to control the gain, filter the noise and eliminate the echo of each audio. The final result can be shared with third parties via bluetooth, email or storage platforms.


The app includes more than 50 themes and more than 100 default songs, to which others can be added externally. We can also add effects, labels or text to the recording. For editing, it has advanced cutting and compression tools, as well as a recording tool with which to add voice to the image. When it comes to sharing, it allows you to do so on all social networks, although it has a special extension for Instagram.

Horizon Camera

It makes horizontal recordings in VGA, HD and Full HD resolution, being able to use the rear camera and the front camera indistinctly. The capture can be done in three different qualities (high, medium and low) and using one of its three leveling modes: flex (frame with maximum amplitude), rotation (fixed frame) or locked (without self-leveling). It is free for videos up to 15 seconds, which include the brand logo.