The use of ICT reaches all areas of the school world, including the subject of Physical Education Apps. But working at a distance and without going to the school may seem a little complicated. However, this selection of applications is ideal for bringing sports education home.

Physical education apps

They are available on different platforms and encourage the practice of sport and a healthy life.


A game in which students participate through their smartphones. It consists of searching and capturing ‘munzee’ throughout the city. The munzees are cards with a QR code that the teacher will hide and that the students must find in order to obtain points and advance in the game. To play the game you only need a mobile device with GPS and WiFi. The capture of the points can be done offline and once connected to the WiFi zone the points are updated.


It randomly displays training exercise circuits with the aim of maintaining motivation and exercising without the need for sports equipment. It allows you to choose the body area you want to work on and how much time you want to spend on it. Although it is in English, it includes drawings to make it understandable in any language.


This website of the Ministry of Health seeks to promote a balanced diet and the practice of physical exercise in children between 6 and 12 years of age. To this end, they have developed this virtual theme park to fight obesity and overweight, which affects 43% of European children. The game combines recreational and educational content in audiovisual formats to convey that with small changes in lifestyle can be achieved great health benefits.

Beep test

This Android app simulates the physical tests done by the military and police to assess your physical level. As hard as it sounds, this exercise is performed in many P.E. classrooms to measure students’ fitness levels.

Available for iOS and Android


It is used to organize team sports activities, such as tournaments or matches, and to invite all contacts who have the application installed. It allows to know the probabilities of victory and to register the sport evolution while the players receive all the information in real time.

Available for iOS and Android


Although the old notebook is worthwhile, why not “technologize” and automate this work a little? FitnessMeter allows you to monitor and keep track of your students’ progress, in order to determine the progress they are making as time goes by.

Available in iOS

Balance It

Group games are a fundamental activity in Physical Education, and Balance It is a compendium of all these activities: one of those apps for Physical Education that collects games and exercises that you can pose to your students, with all the information available on your smartphone.

Available on iOS

Coach’s Eye

Without trying to replace the teacher’s good eye, Coach’s Eye aims to complement it by adding a “new vision” in which technology is key: it will allow you to videotape your students’ movements to determine what they can improve. It includes slow-motion and is universal, valid for all types of exercises.

Available in Android and iOS


Have you ever tried to play a game without a proper score? Scoreboard is just that, a marker that you can alter as each game’s milestones occur. It has many skins available and a few features to customize it to each sport; there are many available, but one of the most interesting is the one developed from Sound House and which is free in both iOS and Android.

Physical Education

A direct name for a compendium of exercises and games created by Jorge Domínguez Carrión, and all of them related to Physical Education in Primary Education: classified and characterized according to the current Spanish curriculum, it is a very interesting reference to have at hand and to be able to use to prepare each class. Available for free in Android and with a lot of information on its website to give us an idea of what it can offer us.

Stretching & Flexibility

Stretching is an essential part of physical exercise and it is essential that students fully understand its importance. Stretching correctly leads to increased muscle control and an increase in both flexibility and range of motion. With this resource, students will have the opportunity to consult videos to perform the stretches correctly, with the added bonus that they will find it very easy to navigate thanks to their classification by body zones.

Video Delay Instant Replay

When performing certain exercises, perfect execution of the technique is essential, otherwise you could suffer injuries or physical ailments. For this, this application is ideal because it allows you to record the execution of the exercises, and then play it back in slow motion. In this way, the execution of the technique can be carefully observed and any mistakes made can be corrected.

FIT Radio

Motivation is part of the training: with a favourable mood, the performance of physical exercises becomes much more bearable and exhaustion is less noticeable. Under this concept this application has been created, which contains a great amount of music with high doses of energy to activate the body and the mind. In addition, it contains songs of all genres to suit musical tastes.

Atlas of Anatomy

In a subject so close to biological aspects, it is strictly necessary to know how muscles and bones work, since they are the ones involved in all physical exercise. To this end, this app brings with it 3D anatomical models of the musculoskeletal system. Each one of these models can be rotated, enlarged and observed from any angle, as well as bringing with it related information and terms.

Team Shake

Many of the activities carried out in Physical Education are done in groups or teams, which should try to form themselves equitably, encouraging socialization with their peers and avoiding that those who are friends always get together. This application can help teachers to avoid this problem by randomly assigning groups or teams: just enter the names of the students and she will take care of grouping them at random.

Healthy recipes

It collects different guides to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner from a healthy diet. The aim is for users to learn about the food groups needed to boost growth and protect health: vegetables, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals… These recipes are calculated for 4 portions, so they can be done as a family in a fun way while learning.


It includes daily routines to carry out stretching before starting and after finishing with the physical exercise. It has different tables assigned to each sport, but also to counteract situations such as: sitting for long periods of time, suffering from flatus, back or neck pain. It allows you to design your own personal stretching table and share it with other contacts.

Exercises for Kids to do at home

It proposes 15 exercises for students to do sports from home. Among the tools it offers are: training logs; creation of alarms for the days and times when the activity is performed; adapted levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced; illustrations with detailed descriptions; and a section in which it compiles the user’s health profile: data, height, weight and age.

Genius App Manager

It aims to encourage children to move around and to reduce the use of mobile devices. It gives the possibility of having a parental control for adults to block some applications that can only be unblocked if the children comply with the objectives set: tasks, physical activities… It also offers features such as downtime for homework, set times for sleeping, eating or showering.


It’s exclusive to iOS devices, but Android has a similar one called Google Fit. This app automatically tracks the user’s daily activity and health. Among the important data it saves are daily steps, workouts, heart rate, nutrition, body measurements and sleep. In addition to the summary and routine control that it integrates, it provides information on other important aspects related to health.