The concept maps and mind are useful to graphically represent knowledge, linking concepts together.

Create Concept And Mind Maps

The following apps and websites facilitate the task of organizing concepts and relating them, making it easier for teachers to develop schematics and conceptual maps that structure the content to be taught in the classroom; in addition to allowing students to use that knowledge to  shape related subjects.


Designed for iOS, with it you can create mind maps and brainstorming in touch environments. Among the multiple functions it has (being able to drag branches to the desired place, add new nodes, connect them, share them as PDF or other formats) you can insert images and links, in addition to automatically ordering or hiding those branches that are not necessary at work. Even to the map in process, you can add others previously made.


Includes synchronization with everyday tools , plus integration with over 800 applications and the ability to share concept maps and create alignments. It also features a timeline view, filters, simplified navigation, and instructional mode.


A downloadable program for making concept maps and diagrams, making it very useful for those who wish to incorporate it into their classes, work or academic presentations. It allows users to insert comments in their own work and in those of others; print them on multiple pages; and export them in Microsoft Office and PDF formats.

MindBoard Classic

It allows you to type both with the keyboard and with your finger and to avoid unwanted touches, it detects the palm of the hand. In addition, it provides several different brushes, colors and an option to  export concept maps in PDF format. There is a specific version for Samsung devices that adds compatibility with your S-Pen stylus.


Bet on personalization, thanks to the possibility of changing the backgrounds of the concept maps, the colors used, the patterns and even the format of the text. As a complement, it has different topics to work on, as well as several concept map options in which to enter notes, links and images.


From this app you can import and export many of the formats of the desktop applications to create concept maps, including Novamind, Xmind, OPML, Excel, plain text … The resulting project can also be exported to PowerPoint or Keynote, Word or Pages, PDF, PNG … It works with services like Dropbox and WebDAV, as well as with social networks and other applications.


It allows working collaboratively through various iPads, iPhones or via the web, synchronizing in real time all the changes made in the project. The app includes free cloud storage of created concept maps, which can also be downloaded with a single click.


It has two versions: one free and with limited functions, and another much more complete that allows you to create unlimited documents, add hyperlinks … Its interface is very intuitive and it is possible to add notes, links, images, additional information in each of the boxes of the concept maps … There is also a Windows version.

iMindMap HD

It is a tool to create diagrams and concept maps that allows you to add graphic texts, drawings, presentations, documents … Then, it synchronizes all those contents between the different devices that have it installed, for which it is necessary to register for free. It is also free to download, both on iOS and Android devices.

SimpleMind +

Free and very easy to use, it offers the option to drag, reorder and edit the subjects directly on the concept map page itself. The paid version, which can be purchased from the application itself, offers an improved editor with cross links, custom colors, images, links to other mind maps … Documents can be uploaded to the cloud, to access them from different devices through the Dropbox service.

Mind Map

It offers unlimited space for concept maps, which are organized manually by dragging and dropping nodes, customizing both shape and background and style. It is free and available for Android devices.


To use this app you must register, although it is free to use (yes, the Premium version has additional features). The user can export or share the concept maps, which are protected against offline threats.

Connected Mind

It has the particularity of drawing diagrams by sliding your finger across the surface of the screen, choosing colors and shapes for each of the concept maps.


The best thing about this free app is that it automatically creates presentations based on concept maps, which can then be shared on any device. It allows working offline.


To draw diagrams, concept maps … and convert them into diagrams or vice versa. The text can be copied from other applications, from an email or a document, and then saved as a photo, uploaded to the cloud or Facebook. The download is free, but to make unlimited concept maps you need to purchase an update within the app.


To take notes, create lists, and gather information. It can be used in conjunction with the PC version and its desktop features include notes, categories, resources and photos, among others.


A tool to organize ideas, resources or images in the form of graphics, virtual walls, concept maps, timelines … It can be used by several users, making it an interesting collaborative work option. It costs 5.49 euros.


It has two versions: one in the form of an app and the other online. It stands out for the many templates it incorporates, more than 50 diagrams, as well as for its collaborative possibilities and its library of examples.


Its use is very simple, guiding you step by step: from choosing the shape of the squares to the connecting lines just by dragging them from the side to the main page to create the concept maps. Then they can be customized depending on the color, type of font …

KWHL Chart

Specially designed for learning new information, it allows teachers to use KWHL charts to determine what their students knew before the new material was introduced and compare it to what they learned.


Bubbl is a service to create concept and mind maps through any browser, for free and very simply. It is perfect both for teachers who want to send content to their students, and for them to prepare and develop their own concept map schemes as a study technique.


Free management software to create concept maps compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux. It has an addon engine to add new features when creating and customizing concept maps.

Draw .io

It is a multidisciplinary web service with an interface similar to  Google Drive . It is multidisciplinary and the possibility of creating concept maps is one of the many functions it allows; as easy as dragging and dropping items. It allows exporting the results in various ways, such as saving them to various cloud services or sending them via email.


Among the features of GoConqr is the possibility of creating concept maps to «facilitate the connection of ideas and improve learning». For Secondary and Baccalaureate students who want to take advantage of it as a complement to their notes.


Designed to meet the needs of companies that need to create team concept maps, Mindmanager is a complete manager and creator of these resources through editors, available for Windows and Mac, with cloud synchronization, project management and much more.


With Coggle it is possible to create all kinds of concept maps, interactive diagrams and even any note with drawings and diagrams. Many possibilities for a free platform with payment options that allow expanding the possibilities by adding new functionalities. It is possible to share content.

Simple Mapper

To organize ideas through concept maps, network diagrams, and interaction or workflows; all through a web browser. With Simple Mapper all creations are public, so they are easily shared with students. Requires Adobe Flash.

Text 2 Mind Map

The Text 2 Mind Map case is quite curious and also different from the other options included in this list. It allows you to write the elements of the diagram in a text box and the platform automatically converts it to a concept map.

Mind42 , Create concept maps

Both individually and collectively, this platform allows the creation of concept maps based on a main node to which other secondary and interesting information can be added in different formats. You can customize the layout by changing, for example, the color of the fonts and adding hyperlinks and icons.


From an initial bubble, located in the center of the concept map, this online solution allows you to extract fully customizable branches (in terms of size, background color and typography) to which images and hyperlinks can be added. Each creation can scroll through the concept map when the user, or one of the members of the working group, considers it necessary.


This platform facilitates the creation of concept maps through the linking of hexagons in which ideas are included. It incorporates the option to change the color to identify the different levels. Once finished, it is possible to export the result, share it, save it in text format or implement it on another platform.

PersonalBrain, concept and mind map

Thanks to its cross-platform access, this app makes it possible to create and edit concept maps from anywhere and at any time. It allows you to include images, text documents and web pages to each thought, in addition to having a search engine. For  Android and iOS .


This web page allows the creation of concept maps programmed in Java. For your design, it includes a wide range of format and color tools. It is also possible to add hyperlinks and import documents and even other maps. When it comes to exporting concept maps, it gives you the option of doing it in various formats (.html, .pdf or .jpg). For any operating system.


A website that allows users to easily create concept maps on any topic . To use it, the user must conceptualize the subject he wants to illustrate with mind maps. It will add the categories and subcategories of the topic and the branching points will be added. It has the option of writing things down at any branch point.


To make concept maps and diagrams . This program can be used to carry out planning, general and specific concepts on a certain topic. In a simple concept map, the most relevant points can be highlighted.