Best free apps for organizing household tasks 1

Best free apps for organizing household tasks

Confinement can be an opportunity for all family members, including children and adolescents, to become involved in carrying out household tasks, learning the value and importance of these activities. These free applications will make it easier to organize or schedule them on a weekly or monthly basis.

learn to program

APPS and games to learn to program

The gamification facilitates the learning of all kinds of concepts and subjects. These applications and games are an example: thanks to the challenges, puzzles and games, they help students of different ages to acquire knowledge related to the codes and programming languages.

APPS to create concept maps

Mind and concept maps are a very valuable resource for the classroom, because with them it is possible to graphically represent any idea. The following applications and platforms have been created for this task.

Create Concept And Mind Maps

Record your classes on video with these tools!

Faced with the impossibility of teaching in person, teachers have to reinvent their learning methodologies. One option is for them to videotape their classes themselves and then share them with their students. This is the objective of the following selection of proposals.