Exercises to work on gross motor skills in kindergarten

Gross motor skills include all those activities that involve movements of large muscle groups, as well as the skills to change body position and maintain balance. It is possible to work on it in infants and toddlers with the following proposals.

gross motor skills

The best tools to evaluate students

We select different alternatives that allow us to evaluate from computers, tablets or smartphones the exams and works of the students. To do this, they use projects, questionnaires, multiple choice tests and gamma activities.

Tools To Evaluate Students

The best websites to download free books

Reading enthusiasts may find it difficult to find reliable websites that offer legal and free book downloads. These options offer an extensive catalogue, do not require registration, and are free!

Websites To Download Free Books

YouTube channels to learn History

The Second World War, the Arab Spring, the Cold War or the crash of 1929 are some of the topics that explain these YouTube channels, which can be an excellent resource for the subject of History.

YouTube Channels To Learn History

Apps for use in Physical Education

Circuits, physical tests, stretching and games are some of the activities proposed by these applications, to perform physical exercise without leaving home.

Physical Education Apps

Best free apps for organizing household tasks

Confinement can be an opportunity for all family members, including children and adolescents, to become involved in carrying out household tasks, learning the value and importance of these activities. These free applications will make it easier to organize or schedule them on a weekly or monthly basis.

Best free apps for organizing household tasks 1