Tools to elaborate school schedules

Setting up a balanced schedule is one of the challenges continually faced by schools and educational institutions. We gather the best tools that facilitate this task.

Make the most of Kahoot! in the classroom

What is Kahoot! and how can it be introduced in the classroom, and what are its main benefits? These and other questions are answered by these articles, which give the keys to its use in Primary, Secondary... and even Infant classrooms!

Free photo editing apps

Crop the photo, give it more color and brightness or include some text and stickers are some of the things you can do with these free editing applications. With them, the visual resources used for class are more attractive.

The best tools to evaluate students

We select different alternatives that allow us to evaluate from computers, tablets or smartphones the exams and works of the students. To do this, they use projects, questionnaires, multiple choice tests and gamma activities.

The best websites to download free books

Reading enthusiasts may find it difficult to find reliable websites that offer legal and free book downloads. These options offer an extensive catalogue, do not require registration, and are free!

Apps for use in Physical Education

Circuits, physical tests, stretching and games are some of the activities proposed by these applications, to perform physical exercise without leaving home.