Museums on Instagram to study Art History

The most important museums in the world offer many surprises on their Instagram profiles. We present you the most curious in this selection so that you can use them in your Art History classes and thus capture the attention of your students.

Record your classes on video with these tools!

Faced with the impossibility of teaching in person, teachers have to reinvent their learning methodologies. One option is for them to videotape their classes themselves and then share them with their students. This is the objective of the following selection of proposals.

Free apps to get fit during quarantine

Stretching exercises, relaxation techniques, training routines, gymnastics for couples and educational videos are some of the activities proposed by these apps for doing sports at home.

Online libraries offering access to free books

The COVID-19 crisis is giving rise to different initiatives so that users can confine themselves to the best of their ability. This is the case of digital libraries: they have opened their catalog to all citizens, who have free access to books of all times and authors, as well as movies.