Children’s crafts allow Infant and Primary students to develop different skills and abilities, such as hand-eye coordination, or gestural motor skills.

Crafts for children

We select proposals with different degrees of difficulty so that students of these educational levels can work in the classroom, but also at home.


On this website everything is focused on paper: crafts, origami, recycling … Children can find tutorials, step by step, with which to make decorations, puppets, bookmarks or school supplies to create easily but always with the help of a adult. 

With my children 

All crafts are categorized: for a birthday, to decorate, to make toys or storage items … They are also divided according to the material used (cardboard, felt, cardboard …). All the activities are detailed step by step and have images so that the children can easily follow it. 

With i of idea

The author of this blog is the philologist Isabel Bermejo, who divides the space into different sections in which to search for crafts for different times of the year or to make with different materials. Among the most popular are a bookmark created from dried flowers, bracelets made of eva rubber, or a candle holder created from a can. 

Craft Guide

Can you make a hanging planter out of a coconut? Or a candle with the peel of an orange? These are some of the crafts that appear in this space, which is divided according to the place in the house where they can be useful (for the bathroom, kitchen …) and by the material used: paper, paint, glass …

F of Fifi

In this blog there are crafts for children and adults. In the case of the little ones, the author explains how to make a homemade costume, how to make the famous spinners with Lego elements or how to decorate drawings with paper mosaics …, among others. It also gives ideas for kids to design their own clothes or decorating ideas for a birthday party.

Ideas in 5 minutes

The creators of this YouTube channel have shared hundreds of videos to make easy children’s crafts to do at home with children. Most of them are easy and suitable to work with Infant and Primary students. They propose decoration ideas for Christmas, with recycled objects and even with food.


This blog is divided into different sections so that finding the most suitable craft for each need and level is very simple. In this way, it allows screening projects by categories such as children’s crafts, easy or gifts, among others; but also by areas of the house or by the type of material you want to use.

The Creative Greenhouse

It collects different easy crafts to carry out with children, and classifies them among: ‘Very small’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Older’, according to their level of difficulty. In addition, the author shares links of interest, such as stores in which to buy material for DIY projects. Their profiles on social networks are also an interesting source of ideas and inspiration for the most creative.

There is no school today!

Starting from the idea that following the video step by step when making crafts makes the task easier, this channel proposes all kinds of projects and tricks. In it you will learn to make notebooks with animal shapes or chocolate bars, decorate mobile phone cases or recycle products such as soda cans to give them a new function.

The children’s factory

It was born with the intention of unleashing the creativity of boys and girls, making it ideal for finding inspiration when it comes to carrying out easy crafts  to do at home in Infant and Primary. Particularly noteworthy are its collection of projects that involve textile material, such as making costumes or painting T-shirts, and those that have a sensory component, such as rain sticks or light boxes.


This page offers different resources for students. For example, it teaches them to draw a cat, a monkey, an octopus, or a butterfly, and to make homemade children’s costumes with the help of families. There is also a section dedicated to balloon twisting and another to origami. If you are looking for cutouts to print, you will discover different options from which to choose.

easy DIY ideas and crafts for Christmas

You will find them on the Brainstorming website and it proposes a fairly wide range of proposals: you have more than 100 ideas for children to create a Christmas calendar with your help, 30 DIY suggestions for the tree, another 60 to decorate and different activities to play and learn during this time of year. You also have two downloadable packs for Early Childhood Education.


Easy river stone kids crafts, DIY fish bowls made with printables, DIY helicopters, recycled bathtub toys, sea inspired kids crafts, easy crafts at home with disposable plates, paper letters to decorate, garlands with luminous ghosts … These are some of the many ideas that you can find on the Decopeques website.

Children’s craft workshop

From the Parramón publishing house , this book is aimed at both teachers and parents and in it they will discover fun and original proposals for the little ones to develop their creativity, improve their skills and manipulate different materials.


Felt is the main material on this website that points to different ideas to put into practice. The explanations are very simple and are complemented by several images that are also useful. How would you like the children to make their own felt aquarium? Maybe they prefer a felt and fabric soft toy, a puppet, a personalized keychain…

Create your own T.REX

This case includes a book and a model for children to meet and build the king of dinosaurs, the tyrannosaurus. The model, with a sturdy structure, includes 80 pieces and to complete it successfully, you should consult the instructions and the photos shown. In addition, they will learn how they hunted, cared for their young, and why they became extinct.

easy crafts for kids ages 7 to 9

A radio control, a rattle bracelet, a rain stick, invisible paint, puppets, snakes … These are some of the ideas that you will find on the portal. A section is included indicating the materials needed and an explanation with the steps to follow. There is a support video if students get lost during the activity they choose. The site also offers a section for children between 3 and 6 years old , and another for those between 10 and 12.

Teacher’s Website

María del Carmen Ruiz -a qualified teacher in Early Childhood Education, Primary and First cycle of ESO in Social Sciences, Geography and History- is the author of this blog. If you enter the word “crafts” in the search field, a fairly complete list will be displayed with easy crafts for autumn, Christmas, for children, easy and quick… Their explanations are very detailed and the illustrations are attractive and eye-catching for the kids.

Kiara Taiss, easy crafts to do at home

Youtube channel with a lot of proposals for the little ones to let their imagination and creativity be carried in the company of their families. How about you make your own birthday crown? They can also try a magnetized car organizer, a bouncing ball, a headband organizer, a drum, castanets or a colored pencil lamp among other ideas.

recycled games

They can recycle objects to get new utensils or decorations, but why not also use recycling to make their own games? On the site Crafts for children they present different games made with recycled components: a three in stripes with sheets, a frisbee with a paper plate, a game of maze of marbles, a spinning top with a CD …

Toads and Princesses

Dedicated to the little ones, this website has a section of easy crafts for children that can be done both at home and in class: from homemade birthday invitations and cutouts of doll dresses to ideas to create a garden or even your robot itself. Includes images of the creation process, explanatory videos and different options to decorate the creations. In addition, it offers other sections such as Plans, Articles, At home or Camps.


It incorporates a large number of video tutorials for children to learn to draw, create with their own hands or cook. In the manual activities section you will find a wide collection of easy crafts for children easy to make with all kinds of material or cunning ideas. By taking care of himself, the child will feel proud and will reinforce his self-esteem. Between the activities, the children will learn to sew fabrics, make up, cut out, DIY or glue. All this in order to unleash your imagination.

Oh crafts

This blog is responsible for collecting crafts for children and primary from other websites and grouping them into a very careful and varied selection. In each post the final result appears and the website where you can see the creation process. It has ideas that range from ‘lovebugs’ and the tree house to the set of drums with tape, the felt duck or the animal socks. Includes an English version of the web.


On this website, children will learn through explanatory videos to create easy crafts for children’s family parties, to make objects, to cut out or to draw. It contains children’s crafts made with recyclable materials that are very fun and educational to enjoy with your children or students. Some of the latest creations are: felt Minions puppets, dragons with claws, masks or costumes. Plus, it includes a helpful parenting tips section.


Pocoyó’s website has a multitude of easy crafts for children and primary with which children will learn values ​​such as organization, teamwork, solidarity, the distribution of tasks, patience or decision-making. In addition, they recommend that parents or teachers get involved in the process of making crafts with children, which will serve to reinforce the bonds of union between them. Activities include Pocoyo book dividers, personalized stickers for notebooks, or a “do not disturb” bird guardian poster.

With my children, easy crafts for children

This blog has a multitude of examples of children’s crafts that can be done both at home and in class made with beads, cardboard, cardboard, felt, plasticine or balloons, among others. It also offers creative ideas for specific dates such as Halloween, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Christmas. Also, to make the search easier, the activities are divided into materials and special days.


As its name suggests, this blog is about the art of origami. Divided into levels and categories, it offers tutorial videos on how to make very original paper figures. In the section dedicated to children, the aim is to introduce them to the world of origami, an art of Japanese origin that consists of folding paper without using scissors or glue to obtain figures as sculptures.

Preschool Activities

To develop the artistic potential of the students, this website collects activities made with balloons, brushes, caps and even ping pong balls. In the latter case, a cardboard is inserted into a cardboard box and the balls are used as brushes, moving them randomly around the box, painting the cardboard at random. With this technique, their motor and creative development are enhanced in a playful and original way.

With your little hands

It is a portal dedicated exclusively to children’s art. It has activities such as ‘Create your own museum’, which consists of students designing a museum room on paper to later paint and decorate it as everyone wants. With this exercise they are able to understand and carry out the 3D effect, a difficult perspective to capture in a drawing, especially for the little ones. It also has a section called ‘birthday with art’, in which they organize artistic workshops at parties.

Art Attack

The classic television program for children’s crafts, Art Attack, continues its broadcast on the Internet by a new presenter Guillermo Martínez. The objective is to stimulate the imagination and creativity, with proposals for all tastes. Add printable sheets with instructions to follow and the necessary materials, as well as online activities.

Pocoyo Kids Crafts

With Pocoyo’s children’s crafts, children between 3 and 6 years old can have fun coloring, making fun origami dolls or drawing, among many other activities. Thanks to them, they will improve their cognitive development and promote social relationships with other children.

Children’s Craft Archive

Transform your patio into a place to learn, crafts to work on motor skills, an alphabet of tapone, giant soap bubbles for sensory stimulation, crafts with pots, storytelling… These are some of the suggestions that we discovered in this archive of crafts for of the Andújar Orientation website .

Manual activities to entertain

As indicated in this space, it is a web page where teachers and teachers will find “a wide collection of crafts for children and primary schools that are free and easy to make with little material or clever ideas to make cool objects with their hands.”

Didongo: the blog of creative families 

It has a section on themes and activities for families to spend an entertaining time with their children: illustrations, homemade costumes, building games, means of transportation … these are some of the options available.

Recycling Crafts for Kids

Suggest different crafts for children from the recycling of objects and materials: paper rolls, boxes, plastics, tongs, egg cups …

Children’s Activities 

How to make playdough, a birdhouse or a bouquet of recycled flowers, prepare ‘edible’ finger paint… These are some of the proposals available on this website with works, resources and activities carried out by and for teachers. The approach of each of these proposals is very didactic, and each one of them indicates the ingredients that the students need and the way of preparation.

Reusing is fun and useful 

This is the name of the blog of the Primary teacher Ana María Muñoz Arcos, who teaches at CEIP Antonio Machado in the Cordovan town of Lucena. Dedicated to the subject of Artistic Education, its author wanted to rescue the manufacture of toys and didactic materials made with waste products, transmitting to students the value of recycling; It also wants to create habits on the value of the recovery of materials and reduce the environmental impact of garbage.

Little Leisure 

It is a space in which teachers and families will find original and fun proposals to put into practice with the little ones. For example, it includes suggestions for making crafts with felt, wool pom poms, gardening activities, crafts with rubber and old gloves, pacemakers, homemade musical instruments … The explanations are very detailed and, also, several photos are included for the students to follow much better the steps they have to complete. 

Among the latest news that this website has incorporated, we find crafts with rolls of paper: for example, students can make a car, a microphone or binoculars using this material. Also, in this space they have at their disposal other proposals such as making a giraffe, a poodle or a flower with balloons. There are also masks and accessories for party costumes.

Resources for Early Childhood Education 

Sonia García is an Early Childhood Educator and in her blog ‘Resources for Early Childhood Education’ she has incorporated a section dedicated to crafts divided into three main blocks: balloon twisting, origami and fingerprint painting. In each of them, we find albums of images, videos and websites of interest with ideas and suggestions to put into practice.

Project Kid Craft Book

This book, written by Amanda Kingloff, collects 100 ingenious crafts for the little ones in the house to do in the company of their families. From a space rocket made from a sock to an owl made from a juice brik, it also provides ideas for recycling objects and materials. His photographs are useful for following the explanations given step by step.

cool crafts

On the Chulas Manualidades website, the content is classified into three main groups: from 3 to 6 years old, from 6 to 9 years old, and from 9 to 12 years old. It offers crafts in which children work with recycled materials, modeling clay, fabrics and salt paste.

Crafts to do with children

It is a YouTube channel in which we find more than 700 craft videos. Among these, those related to dolls stand out, although other ideas are also included: making a flower-shaped ring, a bear-shaped bag, friendship bracelets, polymer clay cakes …

Childtopia: Crafts for Early Childhood and Primary Education

Planes and paper cups, a clown-puppet, a photo frame, rice balls, pencil holders, masks … These (and many other ideas) are available on this site, which includes videos that explain step by step what what to do and the necessary materials.

easy recycling crafts

Recycled materials are perfect for crafts and in this link the kids have at their disposal different ideas. How to make a princess crown out of cardboard, Christmas decorations with straws, dolls with socks, an organizer of school supplies, magnets with gems … are some examples. For each of them several indications are included such as the materials we need, instructions and photographs.

How to do it – Crafts

This YouTube channel, dedicated to creating crafts as a tutorial, makes two weekly posts (Tuesday and Saturday). It is managed by a mother of two children, Alex and Dani, who does these practices with them in a fun and entertaining way. It includes crafts with very diverse materials such as recycling, silicone, paper, cardboard …

Very Easy Crafts

It is a web page that collaborates with the HOLA magazine, which includes a wide variety of content on cooking, decoration, DIY … And also a very prominent section with multiple ideas for crafts, with their corresponding video tutorials. They usually include very original ideas in which they use different materials. 

Crafts with children

YouTube channel created by Merve, includes more than 900 videos of crafts, mostly original and made with recycled materials. One of the big video trends on her channel is doll crafts, with all kinds of resources to decorate and personalize them. But it also has videos to create bracelets, cards, pendants …

Children’s Guide (Crafts)

The web page ‘Children’s Guide’ has, among its publications, a list dedicated exclusively to crafts. The most interesting thing is that they are classified into age groups, from 3 to 9 years, so it is very easy to choose a suitable craft, from among the many proposals, with which to get down to work.

Papyrus Crazy

Focused on the creation of paper figures, it has a huge variety of video tutorials in which the procedure to develop these complicated figures is recounted step by step. It includes dresses, animals, figures such as Santa Claus, hearts … A wide variety of very interesting proposals to work on the art of origami.