This wide selection of online Educational Platforms showcase courses for teachers on various topics with the aim of helping them innovate in education.

Best Educational Platforms

The online training platforms allow users to take virtual courses on the most varied subjects: Physics, Economics, History, Law, Mathematics, Photography, Technology… In this selection we offer numerous options for teachers, students or anyone who wants to expand their knowledge. Take note!

Best Educational Platforms

Macmillan PLEXUS

This platform, created by Macmillan Education Iberia, evaluates the competence level of teachers and offers a tailor-made development plan so that they can improve their skills in a personalized way, doing only the training courses they need for their professional development.

Didactic Association

It offers different online courses designed by pedagogues and experts in different areas and adapted to the needs of teachers of all educational stages. Thus, they will learn how to use robotics in Infant Education by means of educational robots such as the ‘Bee-Bot’ or Lego kits or how to introduce computer thinking in their classes, among others.


These training courses for teachers are designed so that teachers in the same school receive training in new methodologies. To this end, they include a real practice module that allows educators to apply the learned contents in their classroom and upload the learning evidence to the platform to be assessed by the tutor.

Femxa Group

With more than 30 courses, educators will be able to expand their skills and knowledge. It provides content that covers topics such as the use of tablets in the classroom, e-learning for teachers, the generation or management of digital content and cyberbullying, among others. Among its functions, it includes the possibility of studying or correcting activities without time limitations and from any place with Internet access.


Company specialized in education and training. It offers more than 50 courses of 15, 30, 75 and 125 hours. Aimed at all educational stages, online, without timetables, with participatory forums and tutoring. They are approved and can be subsidized by FUNDAE (State Foundation for Employment Training). It also has two online master’s degrees (Early Childhood Education and Competential Learning), which have been developed in collaboration with the Ramon Llull University (Blanquerna Faculty of Education). They can be taken in a maximum of five years and follow a training itinerary adapted to the needs of each student.


This platform, backed by more than 10 years of experience, has a large number of online courses that can be compared and approved by the Antonio Nebrija University for the Teacher and Professor Corps Examinations. They are also aimed at teachers who want to continue their training. It offers a program of scholarships and aid to former students, unemployed, self-employed and subscribers to the Educational Social Network.

AFOE Educational platforms

AFOE is a non-profit organization created in 2001 that offers online courses organized and taught by the Educational Administrations and public universities, with which they have an agreement. They are intended for teacher training and for people who are studying for a competitive examination. It has a section with some courses that can be compared and approved by the Ministry of Education, the Andalusian Government, the Nebrija University and the Pablo de Olavide University.

Education Campus

Its courses are aimed at civil servants, teachers and interns who are preparing for competitive examinations for Early Childhood Education, Primary Education and Secondary Education teachers and who wish to complete their merit rating. This platform has an agreement with the Ministry of Education, the Camilo José Cela University and the Antonio Nebrija University.


The University of Barcelona offers courses, some of which are online and others of short duration. Some of these courses can be used by the teaching staff: Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction’; ‘Expert in Teaching Spanish to Children and Teenagers’ or ‘Expert in Digital Learning’


This entity offers courses in English, attention to diversity, digital skills or mindfulness, among others, to teachers, professors, pedagogues, social educators, students and other professionals in the world of education who want to complete their knowledge. All their offer is recognized by the Departament d’Ensenyament de la Generalitat de Catalunya and, in addition, they serve as merits for competitive examinations and transfer competitions.

This training offer comparator allows you to search by free field and/or using its filters to find online courses through a list that match your search and that have been audited by the platform’s editorial team so that only centers that are really active and that meet the quality parameters required by the directory appear. In addition, it also allows you to take a small vocational test so that, by answering a few questions, it shows you directly those centres that meet the quality criteria and are capable of training you in those areas that best fit your needs and objectives.


It offers a wide variety of online courses approved for competitive examinations by the University Rey Juan Carlos of Madrid of 20, 40 and 120 hours. Thus, once the registration process has been completed, it is possible to take the chosen course at the student’s own pace, as the platform has different teaching hours to help with the planning of the study. The access to the courses can be done from the computer, the tablet or the smartphone. Some of these are ‘The digital blackboard as an educational resource and elaboration of interactive didactic materials’ (120 hours); ‘Emotional intelligence as a teaching tool’ (120 hours); and ‘Hot Potatoes and JClic to elaborate interactive didactic materials’ (40 hours).


Founded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University in 2012, it offers free university-level courses in a wide range of disciplines. It currently has over 2 million users and over 50 institutes, non-profit organizations, corporations and international organizations that offer or plan to offer over 500 online training courses.


Run by the University of Bedfordshire in the UK, it was the first mass open online learning platform in the UK and now includes 83 partners from around the world, including the British Museum, British Council, British Library, ESA, BMJ and the National Film and Television School.

Primary World Campus

Specialists in the stages of compulsory primary education, at Campus Mundo Primaria they propose specific courses for teacher training in issues such as multiple intelligences, emotional intelligences, new pedagogies or issues such as ADHD or problematic behaviour. They are online courses that are conducted through the Internet, and are aimed at parents and any professional in the world of education.


They can be defined as personalized courses, since ClassGap is a platform that puts students interested in a subject in contact with expert teachers in it. In this way you will receive completely unique classes aimed at you and your interests, being a tool very similar to private classes… but from home and through the Internet.

Teacher Education

Based in Sabadell, this website includes a very wide range of courses to improve teacher training at all levels and on all subjects related to education. Some of the activities are recognized by official entities and, among all of them, we find material on emotional education, communication, digital tools, behavior management and many more.


This educational platform partners with renowned universities and organizations around the world to provide online training. In addition to video lessons, it offers interactive quizzes, homework and peer review… It’s free. One of its advantages is that in the home page it is possible to see ‘the most popular specialized programs’, ‘the most popular’, ‘popular among Spanish speakers’…


This platform, which has been in operation for more than three years, has the mission of ‘making higher education accessible, affordable, attractive and effective for all’. It specializes in MOOCs (online, mass and open courses). Upon completion of the course, it is possible to receive a certificate.


It is a collaborative online training platform that offers more than 50,000 courses in Spanish on a variety of subjects: languages, business, seminars, technology… In addition, it allows you to obtain university certificates and diplomas through content from more than 500 universities, organizations and professionals. The paid courses and some free ones include the option of obtaining an official certificate, 100% non-transferable, integrable in LinkedIn and with a unique validation code. It also offers the possibility for any user to prepare a course, record their own video, upload it to the platform and sell it to interested students.


In this marketplace, videoconferences and video courses are given live on different topics, including education and teaching, including languages, pedagogy, philosophy and mathematics. In the rooms to watch the videos, the user can communicate in real time with other students who are watching the same course and contact the teacher if he or she has any questions. On the other hand, the video forums are open video conference rooms, each one on a different topic, so that anyone can enter, participate and discuss specific issues at any time.


This training service keeps teachers, students and parents in touch. With the Premium Classroom option, teachers can turn it into their own online training platform where they can teach online or blended courses and charge for it. It also offers an option for companies to create their own training platform. On the other hand, it allows students to optimize their study time, keep up to date with their subjects, consult their grades, create personal notes or study groups, and teachers can inform about the latest news, create exams and homework, contact parents, etc.

Khan Academy

Mathematics, Economics and Science are some of the subjects covered by this online training platform, which took its first steps in 2006. The purpose of its founder, Salman Khan, is that anyone should have the possibility of accessing a free, world-class education regardless of where they are. It has an extensive and diversified library of content and from our profile (prior registration is required) we can consult the progress we make. Khan Academy also has a presence on the YouTube channel.

Free Easy Way

This space is characterized by 100% distance learning that adapts to the availability of its users. In addition, schools, universities, technical schools or teachers have the opportunity to insert their own content (available in different languages) that can be free or paid. Free Easy Way has a virtual classroom module, real-time collaboration tools, video conferencing system and a virtual library called ‘Box Reader’ with access to multiple resources such as textbooks, homework banks, exams, graduation theses, encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc. It has even developed a mailing system for sending invitations announcing the opening of the session of the courses to be given and the possibility of interacting with other users.

Myriad X

It is a platform that promotes knowledge in Higher Education in Latin American countries. In fact, Miriada X has the support of Telefónica Learning Services (dedicated to the development of comprehensive online learning solutions for education and training) and Universia, a network that brings together Spanish and Portuguese-speaking universities. It makes available to interested parties, free of charge, a range of open mass online courses in education, psychology, humanities, geography, ethics, etc.

UNED open courses

Environmental Technologies, History of Art, Theory of Law, Road Education, Fundamental Mathematics, Psychology, Social Services: the state of well-being… These are some of the courses that UNED offers through this virtual platform. They are characterised by the fact that they are freely accessible and do not require enrolment; nor do they have a specific start or end date. It should also be added that some of the courses have been adapted to the open platform iTunesU that this university has.

OpenCourseWare Carlos III University of Madrid

What does OpenCourseWare mean? This word refers to a worldwide initiative, the purpose of which is to publish all kinds of university courses online so that interested users can access them free of charge. The University of Madrid has joined this initiative which encourages self-study. The courses are classified according to a series of categories such as Statistics, Physics, Materials Science and Engineering, Journalism or Audiovisual Communication, Chemical Engineering… Next to each of the courses taught there are a series of legends that inform about the program being taught, the readings that are recommended as support material, evaluation tests, exercises or support videos, among other options.


This Spanish platform offers a wide variety of video courses in Spanish, almost all of them paid about business, programming, cooking, music, languages, education… The videos are always available from the web and their apps and can be downloaded and watched even without an Internet connection. This platform’s app is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Interested users can record, upload their course and market it to interested students.


One of the largest online learning platforms where we find a multitude of material of all kinds, both academic and remote from schools. Many free courses and as many paid courses, although with very affordable prices, and a lot of content in Spanish as well as in many other languages. Unlike other platforms, the courses are continuously available and we can start them whenever we want.


This distance learning and competition preparation centre has a virtual campus that accompanies its students in their academic progress. For this purpose, the platform offers different options to make the student’s learning as successful as possible: from an exhaustive follow-up of the course, an extension of the contents to be studied to a direct contact with the tutors. In addition, the procedures related to the course between the student and the centre can be expedited.

Stanford Online Courses

The prestigious Stanford University has a complete section of online courses, completely free and accessible by anyone from anywhere in the world. Its content is generally very advanced, and includes courses on practically any university field, including also touches on the world of education.

Harvard Online Learning

Harvard University was one of the pioneers in offering online training, through a web browser. Whether you are a student or a complete stranger who wants to learn on your own, at Harvard Online Learning you will find all kinds of courses and materials, both free and paid, to help you become a professional.

Open Yale courses

Yale University presents its online courses, a selection of completely free content created by different departments of this entity. Although the practice has now been centralized in other tools such as edX or Coursera, Open Yale continues to be an open platform with dozens of courses on different subjects, all of them completely free.

Open Culture

Another of these websites that is dedicated to collecting content from universities around the world is Open Culture, with more than 1,200 free courses listed and ordered, in order to be easy to filter and find those that best suit our interests.


Teachers can create and upload videos, exercises, worksheets… on this platform that was born in 2013 in the United States and this year made the jump to Spanish-speaking countries. Students can find videos on various subjects that are organized into two major categories ‘Institute’ (Technical Drawing, Mathematics, Geography, Physics, Chemistry …) and ‘University’ (Accounting, Economics, Marketing, Mathematics, etc.).