Preparing class schedules, tutorials, and guards, taking into account the needs of the school, teachers, and students can be a complicated task. To facilitate this task, some tools have been designed to elaborate school schedules automatically.

Tools To Elaborate School Schedules

Elaborate School Schedules


You only need to enter the requirements and the planning software will evaluate all the possibilities to obtain a balanced schedule. And in case of errors or changes, this tool will automatically reprogram all the modifications. Among its manual settings, it is possible to customize the font, design and logos, and export it in pdf, excel format or share it online.

Aula 1

The school management software of Aula1 has a timetable generator integrated within the platform that allows the creation of various types of timetables. For example, teachers will be able to create different timetables according to the academic levels in which they work. It also allows you to consult incomplete timetables in which there are still hours or subjects unassigned and to check for errors in the subjects by different colors.

BEST (Bullet Education Scheduling and Timetabling)

This software allows schools to overcome the complexity and slowness of scheduling the course. To do this, it combines and evaluates various constraints and objectives, according to the needs of schools, optimizing the schedules of teachers, students and classrooms. In addition, it automatically assigns available rooms and soon will also be able to plan exams automatically. This algorithm was developed 15 years ago in Portugal and today has already about 200 customers, some of them in Spain.


It is an academic and administrative management software. With it you can carry out about 60 different procedures and among them is the creation and assignment of schedules for different classes. In case of any problem, it has an online customer service system through a web chat, and platforms such as Skype, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

Esemtia of Edebé

Among the great variety of tools that this management platform proposes, aimed at courses from Infants to Vocational Training, is one for creating timetables. It does this directly from the cloud and allows them to be generated flexibly for each day.


It is a free software application that serves to generate academic schedules through an algorithm. It is able to define classes, times, subjects, teachers, classrooms and create activities in a maximum of 20 minutes. Once it is finished, it shows several timetable options and generates an html document with the chosen one that can be uploaded to the center’s website to share with the rest of the users.

ARASAAC Timetable Generator

The Aragonese Portal for Augmentative and Alternative Communication has several online management tools to create different resources, including an easy-to-use schedule generator. To do this, you only need to choose the number of days it should contain, the starting time and duration of each class, as well as the color, size of the typography of the cells or include pictograms.

Custombit School Schedules

With this tool, the class schedules of teachers from both schools and universities are generated automatically. They take into account the number of hours per week that correspond to each subject and the availability of each teacher in order not to incur in a schedule incompatibility.


Starting from the subjects, groups, teachers and classrooms, it generates an optimal school schedule for each center. It also includes the possibility of changing the structure of the schedules, replicating the subject lines, sending them to each department and filtering each schedule by subject, among others. It contains modifiable print headers such as the school logo and offers constant updates for greater convenience at work.

Peñalara GHC

This program allows for the complete management of school schedules taking into account the academic, pedagogical and organizational requirements of the school. Ideal for all levels and educational institutions, it organizes the weekly schedules in an objective way and by choosing a user profile. It has the ability to solve any problem of planning teachers, spaces, class sessions… In addition, it is possible to access the software files via the Internet, export the schedules to calendar managers or carry out the recruitment of desiderata remotely.


It automatically draws up the school timetable based on the pedagogical criteria determined by the school. It proposes the user up to ten different alternatives on which manual changes can be made. It also incorporates other features such as the possibility of creating entrance and break times for students at different times, ranges of hours in which teachers must teach under contract, optimal schedule of guards, planning of replacements or statistics, among others. This schedule generator is fully integrated into the Alexia management platform.


This is a to-do list that has the necessary adjustments to elaborate and organize a school itinerary with a daily, weekly, monthly and annual view that also includes a record of all local holidays. The events are divided into categories and integrates tools such as reports, time compatibility in other countries and others based on the design of the schedule such as different templates, colors, symbols and emoticons. The user will have the option to provide the timetable to other colleagues or students via email or upload it to the cloud.