“Whose turn is it to clean the kitchen? Set the table? Prepare breakfast?” These questions are often asked in a house where housework is a fundamental part of maintaining order and organization within the home, but what about the youngest children in the house or teenagers?

Free Apps For Organizing Household Tasks

The current situation can be an opportunity for children to learn the value of daily domestic work since they spend the whole day at home. With the following free apps they will be able to do it in an organized and motivated way since they have functions such as scheduling, notification when the task has been done or even how to climb on a scoreboard and get points if you are one of the members who performs more tasks.

Best free apps for organizing household tasks 2

Home Activities

It is designed as a game: you add the tasks and the family members who will perform them. Then, for each ‘mission’ completed, the person receives points and climbs up a score. In this way, and especially for the youngest, it is a way of motivating them to do the activities of the house without them finding it boring. All of them can be programmed and have reminders, as well as a chat so that the family can communicate at any time. Additional (paid) items are available within the app and are available on Android.

Clean My House

It works as a schedule with which you can manage and plan household tasks and errands associated with them. All you have to do is write down the activities that need to be done in the house (which can be assigned a weekly or monthly repetition) and set a day and time to carry them out. Once they are done, they are marked as ‘completed’. They can also be divided by different categories (related to the different stays) and included in the mobile phone so that they appear as notifications. It has a premium version and is available in Android.

Create Mobile Apps In Secondary And High School


It is a matter of making a personalized cleaning plan in which each order is assigned a periodicity and which family member has to do it. Once created, it works with indicators in different colors that show the delay in the task. In this way, if the living room is one of the rooms that is cleaned the most, the indicator will appear in green, but if, on the contrary, the bathroom is the one that appears least in orange or red. This way, all members of the house will be able to see which parts of the home need cleaning the most, since it can be synchronised on all devices. It has a premium version and is available on Android and iOS.


The goal is to create a list of household tasks with reminders. In this way, all cleaning activities (divided by different rooms) will be organized. In addition, the application allows you to upload pictures of the shopping list or the things to be repaired and write small texts as notes. It has additional (paid) items within the app and is available in Android.

Out of Milk

It’s a shopping list you can carry on your mobile phone. It is divided by different types of food (vegetables, fruit, meat, fish…) and also by the three main meals of the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. It also has a ‘pantry’ option, where you can write down everything in your house to control your spending and buy only what you need. It can be shared or sent to others. It is available on Android and iOS.