Free apps to get fit. Practicing physical exercises brings many benefits: it improves mental health, increases the feeling of well – being , provides relaxation techniques and, of course, helps to maintain body weight and physical vitality. In addition, it is essential to reduce risks such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and other psychological illnesses such as depression or anxiety.

Free apps to get fit

These five free apps to get fit are ideal for regular sports sessions from home. Moving more favors good performance!

Just Dance Now!

The objective of this application is for users to exercise through dance choreography. The alternatives that Just Dance includes are several: a list of 500 available songs that are updated every month, multiplayer option, custom characters and lots of entertainment. In the ‘health kit’ section you can check how many calories have been burned during exercise. In addition, the user can select a VIP pass and access all the songs they want. It is compatible with iOS devices: tablet, mobile, Safari, Mac and Apple TV; Android: 5.0 mobile phone, Android TV; Google Chromecast TV, Google Chrome and other web browsers.

Yoga for beginners

Pick up a 30-day training plan for those who are starting to practice this discipline for the first time. Each course is related to various exercises: strengthening and relaxing muscles, reducing back pain, increasing flexibility and sleeping well, among others. It also has a list of yoga styles and poses to combine and complete with videos that help guide the exercise during the sessions.

Exercises at home to get fit

It has 10 routines to work different muscles of the body and exercises to carry out the previous warm-up and the final stretch. It incorporates voice and video guides, detailed descriptions accompanied by illustrations, a calendar where progress is recorded and a section to check body weight. Exclusive on Android .

7 minutes

It is based on the HICT method (acronym for High Intensity Interval Training), which consists of a high intensity circuit in a short duration training: 7 minutes. It consists of 12 exercises that must be done in 30 seconds with rest intervals of 10, and then repeat the circuits. It also offers the possibility of adjusting the time of the itinerary and breaks according to the user’s needs. Available on all mobile devices.


Ideal if you have an exercise bike at home to work this aerobic exercise without having to attend face-to-face classes. It includes different video tutorials that help to carry out the activity correctly and different training routines with different levels and intensities adapted to the person. Within the app there are guides with visual classes, warm-ups and varied music.