English is a subject that requires a lot of practice and dedication. Families wishing to supplement their children’s learning can visit the following selection of websites where they will find free downloadable resources and all sorts of tabs.

Free downloadable resources

The contents are prepared by teachers of ‘ESL’ (English as a Second Language ‘) or’ EFL ‘(English as a Foreign Language) and in all these portals you can filter the activity sheets by level, vocabulary topics, grammar, phonetics or type of work.

Free downloadable resources

ISL Collective

It is necessary to register (free of charge and without obligation) to be able to access all the content. For those parents who are not fluent in the language, it is very easy to navigate this website since all the content comes with categories in Spanish. Thus, with knowing what the minor has to review or practice, it is enough to do a quick search and find an entertaining card such as a word search or a crossword puzzle, for example.

ESL Printables

It is designed as a place where teachers can share all kinds of resources. However, to access the exercises you only need an account (and it is not essential to be a teacher). In this case the search can be done by level or also by age. Texts to practice reading comprehension, grammar guides, or exercise sheets (in English, ‘worksheets’), among others, can be used to continue teaching at home.

English Club

It includes the most common didactic materials in text format like the previous ones but it has an added value and it offers pronunciation classes (Pronunciation) and oral expression (Speaking). It also has a wide variety of games, test exercises, songs and jokes.

ESL Kids Stuff

Aimed at children, mainly from Primary Education, it has ‘worksheets’ of all kinds: from crafts, recipes, games or readings. In addition, it has a bank of more than 50 songs for the little ones to have fun singing in English. Likewise, the user will be able to find resources divided by themes such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter, or notable days such as Saint Patrick (St. Patricks Day!).

LearnEnglish Kids

It is part of the official website of The British Council and has a resource section dedicated exclusively to parents. There are tips on how to accompany children with their foreign language learning, different mobile applications, information on courses and exercises are available for them to do at home.

ESL Galaxy

Created in 2005, it contains more than 6,000 resources of different kinds. Qualified teachers who are part of their community upload educational content almost daily. Again we find a large selection of games (both to download and print, and interactive to play on the web), explanatory videos, stories, and more worksheets.