Due to the crisis caused by the COVID-19, many platforms, applications or publishers have started to offer their contents for free to help students, teachers and families. In this collection of entries published on our website you will find the most interesting free educational resources.

Free Educational Resources

Publishers, libraries and app developers, among many others, have decided to temporarily offer their tools at no cost.

educational platforms

The British Council or CodeLearn are some of the examples of educational platforms that have decided to offer all their didactic content and educational resources free of charge for teachers and families on a temporary basis. With them, users can improve their English, learn about the world of programming, practice spelling, or even share teaching materials with other teachers.

Online Training

online content and tools – free educational resources
It gathers the platforms, applications and free webinars of the main firms in the education sector. Thus, it includes the initiatives of popular publishers such as Casals, Edelvives, Pearson or SM, or those launched by tools such as Rubio notebooks (in digital format) or ClassFlow, which make it easier for students to continue with the distance learning process, practicing subjects such as Mathematics, Language or English.

Premium educational apps

Many developers of popular applications in the educational world have decided to make their premium versions temporarily available for free. BrainPop, Academons, Edpuzzle or Kahoot are just some of the most interesting examples. Most of them are available for tablets or smartphones both Android and iOS and can be applied to distance learning or to review subjects with the family.

websites to download free books

Books in ePub or PDF format? There is no need to look for illegal downloading websites, as there is a wide variety of them offering free books in the public domain or published under open licenses. Most have a very extensive catalogue and some even offer content in several languages. Podcasts or audiobooks can also be found on these websites and are an interesting solution for continuing to consume literature.

Free Book Publishers

Another way to access books is to consult the offer of free readings from this dozen publishers. Alba Editorial, UNE, Roca Editorial, Anagrama and Blackie Books offer PDF books and audiobooks from their ‘best sellers’.

Digital libraries – free educational resources

Digital libraries have opened their catalogues to all citizens, who have free access to books of all periods and authors, as well as films. eBiblio, Galicia Le, National Emergency Library… the offer is very wide.