There are many games to have fun during the confinement period. And if you also have to put your mind and your wits about you, it is much more motivating. This is the case of the free escape rooms that are emerging during these days on the net and that can be done at home.

Free Escape Rooms

You only need a computer or mobile phone to follow the instructions and achieve the final goal. Here are some of them to carry out with the whole family.

Hogwart digital Escape Room

This escape room, created by a librarian from Pennsylvania (United States) using Google forms, is an interesting option for lovers of the J.K. Rowling universe, since you have to get into the skin of a Hogwarts student in his first year of school. It can be played alone or in a group and although the instructions are in English it is a simple escape that takes about 15 minutes to solve. Ideal for playing with the family and with the younger children in the house.

Free Virtual Escape Room Hygiene Apocalypse

You are in the year 2043 and after the crisis that hit the whole planet in 2020, the stock markets fell, currencies devaluated and toilet paper has become the new currency of exchange. A product that is only within the reach of the world’s most powerful people. When African Prince Jones Dimka dies he leaves his heirs a whole fortune: a pallet of toilet paper. And this is where you come in: you must pose as a descendant of the prince and get that precious commodity. You can play alone or in a group and the recommended age is from 15 years onwards as the difficulty is high. It is also advisable to follow the instructions on the computer, not on the mobile phone (as some of the content is not displayed on this device).

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Escape: the cure for the virus escape free virtual rooms

An escape room based on the search for the solution to the Coronavirus could not be missed. In this game, which can be played by two players or two teams, you have to become a researcher of the vaccine against the virus. To play the game, two devices are required (mobile phone, computer or tablet) and each participant can only communicate with the other orally.

Hour 26 free virtual escape rooms

Everything revolves around Dr. Arribia who, coming from the future, aims to transmit to the citizens of the present the necessary knowledge for the development of a state-of-the-art technology. The problem is that his time machine has been deconfigured and cannot go back to its time. In this escape room, Dr. Arribia must be helped to return to his home. It is designed to be played in groups of 1 to 3 people and there is no set time to solve it.