At this point there is no one who can resist using their mobile phone to take photos and immortalise unique moments, or to record their day-to-day life. But sometimes what the camera captures does not correspond exactly to the idea we had when we took the photo, or we want to give it a more personal touch. We have collected the best free photo editing apps.

The Best Free Photo Editing Apps

These are the best free photo editing apps to do this and much more.


It is one of the veteran apps for editing photos on the mobile. One of its strong points is the multitude of possibilities it offers to improve the images we make with our mobile phone or that we have stored in it. Besides adjusting the exposure or removing annoying stains, it allows you to correct the perspective or play with the focus. It does not lack a wide variety of filters or the function to add text, among others. Those who are more demanding will like to know that it supports RAW files.


The Adobe signature supports this app that, originally, was born as a desktop editing application aimed at professionals and amateur photographers. In addition to the usual touch-ups, you can create presets based on your editing preferences. Once configured, you only need to click on the corresponding option so that all the changes are applied to the chosen photo. It includes interactive tutorials and several camera modes to take better snapshots than the phone settings usually provide.


Although it doesn’t have the semi-professional character of the previous ones, with Pixlr you can give a different touch to your photos. Designed for both advanced users and those who have never edited an image, it allows you to correct the light, exposure and colour of your snapshots with a single touch, or adjust them according to your preferences. One of its strengths is its Instagram community, where users share their creations.

PicsArt Photo Studio

If you want to ‘play’ with your photos, with this app the fun is guaranteed. In addition to retouching the image, you can use filters, add frames, backgrounds and edit very specific areas with a brush. There is also a collage creator, as well as the possibility of adding stickers and cliparts, and even creating your own. Through the app you can create a group chat where you can share your creations and edit your photos together.


One of the strengths of this application is the wide variety of filters available, inspired by the effect achieved with reel films. Many are available in the basic version, but if you want to have access to all of them you have to pay a subscription of 20 ? per year. With the basic version, besides being able to use some presets, it includes editing tools to regulate contrast or saturation. From the same app it is possible to access the community contents, but not to participate in it.


It has 15 adjustment tools for retouching images and improving photo details. It incorporates filters of three types: original, created by Instagram users and ‘season’. In addition to these, there are 66 minimalist textures, different adjustable frames for each photo, and options for cropping and transformation. Among the settings, it is worth mentioning the changes in light they offer, adding the same image again to achieve a double exposure and adding texts or stickers. It is available for iOS and Android.

Color Story

Its use is free, although it incorporates some purchases within the application. It includes more than 100 filters divided into different categories, 40 effects and more than 20 tools for editing. It contains a collection of light flashes that allow to give a very luminous style to the photographs. It is simple, but ideal for those who are starting to retouch images. In addition, the website has tutorials for beginners to take advantage of the app.


In addition to photos, it provides filters and settings for editing video recordings. Users can add music and sound to their edits, use old retro and vintage effects, 3D and other self-correcting portraits. It is free, but offers purchase options within the app with different subscription packages. Available for iOS and Android.


It has two versions: one paid and one free, which have the same services, but the first one does not include advertising within the application. It integrates functions to correct, smooth and soften the skin, eyes and shape; a canvas to cut the image in different proportions and invert it (mirror). Another of its peculiarities is that, in addition to using free filters, you can blur the background and apply its tools to highlight facial features with contrast, brightness and saturation.


It stands out for its grids and templates, which make it possible to create collages. It adds up to an extensive list of tools for designing presentations, videos, posters, 3D cards and also memes. Once the photo to be edited is selected, the user has the option to adjust the image, choose the filter or effect he wants, retouch, add background, text, mosaics and watermarks. It also includes a Premium version to extend the retouching alternatives.