There are many templates available for download on the Internet, both for coloring and for making PowerPoint presentations. For many, the latter is an excellent public presentation tool that has infinite possibilities if you know it well. And among these possibilities is the more aesthetic part, the design and placement of information: the free PowerPoint templates are the starting point for making a good presentation.

Free PowerPoint Templates

Although you can always create your own, a great option is to look for free PowerPoint templates to inspire you, based on them or by getting ideas for your own creations. And there are plenty of places to look for free templates, 20 of which we recommend today.

Free PowerPoint Templates

Free PowerPoint Templates

Free PowerPoint Templates contains 3,000 templates that you can download for free, and that are organized by categories, colors, or labels. In addition, a search engine will allow us to obtain more concrete results for our expectations.


A very simple but direct and intuitive page: its name is TemplatesWise and it allows to download different types of templates, with very different styles, organized according to categories. It also has a section for a selection of the best ones, as well as another one for the most popular ones and those recently uploaded to the service.


Although Indezine was born as a portal that seeks to provide resources to improve everything related to presentations, they have a very large space related to materials for PowerPoint: up to 6,000 templates, along with thematic “packs” that, yes, are paid.

PowerPoint Styles

In PowerPoint Styles we will find templates that, used by thousands of people every day, and separated by theme or color. Especially interesting are the rankings of the most viewed and most downloaded, and that can serve to find the results that the community likes most and that, all said and done, are usually very attractive.

Presentation Magazine

More than 62,000 free PTT templates to download and use, separated by theme, color or label Presentation Magazine is also a repository where you can find PowerPoint backgrounds to give a different “touch” to your presentation, beyond the default backgrounds.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft knows that part of PowerPoint’s success lies in the customization of content, and they have had their own free PowerPoint template platform for years. There are templates for Word, for Excel and of course for PowerPoint.

Carnival Slides

Several dozen templates are offered by Slides Carnival, a site that collects and categorizes them according to different labels (formal, creative, simple, etc.). It has many free and a few, the most advanced, paid, but from the first we can get a good material for use in education.

Slide Hunter

Thousands of PowerPoint templates of all types are found in Slide Hunter, with some very curious categories such as presentations in 16:9 format (for projectors with this ratio), a very powerful search engine and content recommended by editors that is always good to consider.


FPPT is the acronym for Free PowerPoint Templates, and its name says it all: all free, labeled according to different categories and with a variety of up to 9000 templates. They are separated by color, by purpose (there are education, sport, work…)

How To Create A Kahoot!


In SmileTemplates you have at your disposal a few dozen free PowerPoint templates for the most part, with some cases offering limited use. There are all kinds of them and the search engine is very visual, which will allow us to find good results quickly.


Although Reddit is not a page exclusively dedicated to the world of PowerPoint templates, in this metaphor we can find countless topics and resources; among them, several subreddits especially interesting for the work we are doing today: /r/temmplates or /r/powerpoint are undoubtedly two references to try.

Presenter Media

In a website that will present them to us in a very visual and great way to choose the ideal one, Presenter Media has around 500 free templates to download and use in our presentations. In addition, they indicate the format for which they have been designed, something great to make the most of all the space in the presentation.


Somewhat more complex but extraordinarily useful, SlideTeam offers a lot of content for public presentations, including free PowerPoint templates. Its search engine will allow us to choose the type of content we want to show, its shape and colors, to filter among more than 60 thousand results; if we prefer, we can also search among all of them, one by one.


Simple and specially designed for the world of education, both for teachers and students. Leawo has a catalogue of several hundred templates, all categorised according to various themes (education, holidays, finance, sports, etc.) in a simple but easy-to-use website.

Brainy Betty

A website that could do with a redesign, but that fulfills its function. Brainy Betty has several dozens of very simple templates, but they are also ideal if you want to reinforce the content of the presentation, and not its design as such.


Free PowerPoint templates that besides being original are creative, in Showeet finding many files that we can download to make different presentations and very attractive visually. Ideal for use in class.

Template Monster

Although Template Monster has content for multiple sites, all of them related to templates and themes (WordPress, Joomla, Magento…), there is a lot of material for PowerPoint divided into several categories and including both free and paid content, for a few euros.

Slide Geeks

More than 240 free PowerPoint templates are found in Slide Geeks, a site that allows us to go through several categories -including education- with a search engine, filters of the most popular, free, paid… everything!

Presentation Load

We have several hundred templates available at Presentation Load, many of them completely free and very eye-catching, and some other premium, paid templates, thought for the most demanding people who want a unique design for their presentations.

Modèles PowerPoint

Modèles PowerPoint, in French, contains hundreds of free PowerPoint templates, which are updated every few months with new entries. It also has a section ordered by categories as well as a ‘top’ of the most popular among users.

School in the cloud

The Spanish website Escuela en la nube, which provides all kinds of educational resources of interest to teachers, professors and also parents, also has an article recommending various free educational PowerPoint templates, all of which can be downloaded completely free of charge.

Templates for different programs and platforms, such as CMS, online shop or websites, but also free Powerpoint templates. is a multidisciplinary portal that offers diverse content to customize our creations, including slide shows. The article we link to is focused directly on education, although we can also find other more open compilations that allude to other areas.

Free PPT Background

It’s not so much templates to download and edit your own PowerPoint presentations, but in Free PPT Background we will find content to customize those presentations. Specifically backgrounds to use in PPT presentations, a selection of images that we can use to give a different touch to what we know.

Alex Serrano

This website offers different models of templates with designs for PowerPoint created by professional designers. Besides having a premium design, it includes different additional elements (graphics, diagrams, infographics, icons,…) in order to complete it as much as possible. They are editable and each one is available in different colors.


Despite being an image bank, this website also includes some free PowerPoint-compatible templates. They are very simple and as they are not designed for any specific area, they can be perfectly adapted to the educational environment.


In this web we find a free template that has integrated 12′ slides with different structures. All of them revolve around femininity and minimal design although they can be modified to suit the user. It includes different elements such as diagrams, charts and maps to complete them.


It offers 20 different free PowerPoint template designs for different professional environments. Although all designs are easily adaptable, there are some that have a clear educational bias. Some are very simple and others include more decorative and intuitive elements to guide the reading vision.


This website offers three free templates and a preview of all of them so that you can check if it suits your needs before downloading it. The three models are quite simple: the first one has a retro look in which a typewriter is the protagonist in all the slides, the second one has a golden background colour and without too many details and the third one, on violet colour, is very visual.