The gamification is a learning technique that takes the mechanics of games multiplication tables to the educational and professional in order to achieve better results area: serves to absorb knowledge, to improve some ability to reward concrete action …

Multiplication table games

Thanks to these resources, this technique can be used with Primary students in Mathematics: they are ideal for learning and reviewing with multiplication table games , promoting motivation, attention and, of course, fun.

Underwater mathematics

It proposes to practice operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or mixed operations) in the depths of the ocean in this fun game. Once the type of operations has been chosen, it is possible to determine the amount and level of difficulty. All exercises are suitable for students between 7 and 11 years old.

The goose

A version of the popular game indicated for one or two players. The dynamics are simple: each time the dice are rolled the tile moves around the board, you have to solve the accounts that appear in each box.

ABC Tree

Includes different games related to multiplication tables that promote practice and memory development. Among them, dynamics in the ocean, in an intergalactic race … On the web they are divided by both the table and the type of game.

Primary second games: the multiplication tables

All the games proposed by the Matecitos website related to the multiplication tables (in this case, for the second year of Primary) are accompanied by explanations, facilitating their understanding.  

Childish games

This website has a wide variety of children’s games for all subjects, including mathematics. In the multiplication tables section, he first gathers them one by one, and then proposes specific games that help to memorize them and a final exam to check knowledge.

My Smart Horse

It offers a gamified experience: every time a multiplication table related operation is hit, the player’s horse takes one step to become a race winner. With this game , attention is encouraged -you have to jump different obstacles as a rider- and motivation, by turning the horse that solves the most mathematical operations into a winner.

The multiplication tables

This application, available for Android and iOS devices , is similar to multiplication table games like Mario Bros: it aims to get the student to go to the different screens if they succeed with the result of the proposed mathematical operation. Its cheerful graphics, accompanied by an entertaining melody, are ideal for students in the first years of Primary to become familiar with this important part of Mathematics.  

Multiplication table diploma

It tests the students’ knowledge and rewards them with a diploma that they can proudly teach to their entire environment. Depending on the knowledge available to the students and the tables they know, they may choose a small or a large diploma. For the little one, the student only has to know six multiplication tables, while for the big one, it is necessary to know all of them.

Multiply with Max

In this case, the protagonist of the game is a dog that helps the students to capture the results of the multiplication operations that are proposed throughout the activity. In addition, the tool is divided into several sections, such as the option to take exams, so that Primary students put their knowledge into practice and advance in the study step by step.

Self-correcting game

This board game is designed so that the students themselves realize their mistakes through a corrective method based on illustrations: an image appears on each operation: and, if the result on the back of the sheet is correct, it coincides with the illustration . In this way, the student quickly realizes his mistake and can memorize the result in a more visual way.

Happy Burguer

In this game, students have to help the owner of this restaurant to make his customers happy and not leave the site. And how can they do it? They have to complete small challenges responding to the multiplications that are proposed to them. It is possible to work from table 1 to table 12. In case of error, the game shows which operations have been wrong and what is the correct result.

Treasure chest

In the blog ‘A pinch of education’ you will discover this original game to review the multiplication tables and that children can build with your help. Why a treasure chest? As they learn and consolidate their knowledge with the multiplication tables they are compensated with a coin. The goal is to collect 11 coins, which means that the treasure from the multiplication tables awaits you.

Games to learn the multiplication tables by heart

It can be played alone or in pairs. The characteristic of this suggestion is that the students will also test their retentive ability by having to match the letter containing a multiplication with the corresponding result. It can be used to work up to the twelve table, both individually and by mixing multiplication tables.

Time trial

Test the mental ability of your students with this game and see if they are able to correctly solve different multiplications before time runs out. You can use it with all the multiplication tables. Each of them contains different questions: for example, question 4 contains 11; that of 9 proposes 15; if you choose the option of all you will find 55 …

Multiply towers

Scissors and white or colored cardboard. These are the materials that you will need if you want to bring this game to your classroom, available on the Learning Mathematics page, which also explains everything you need to know to put it into practice. How to play The teacher asks a result and the students have to be correct. If they do, they will pile up bricks and the one with the highest tower will win. It is more fun if groups are organized in class.

Curricular video games: multiplication table games

A proposal available on the Gamifying blog. It focuses on the commutative property of multiplication and suggests a game called Volancin, which can be played not only on the computer but also on the tablet and mobile phone. As a complement, and before playing, he recommends some downloadable sheets in PDF format to rehearse.

Space Lunchtime

This game to practice the multiplication tables takes place in an intergalactic dining room. It is time to eat and each alien is ready to order their food ration, which corresponds to the result of the multiplication that appears on the screen. You can choose the level of difficulty you want to practice.

Multiply with cats

Divided into 12 levels, the difficulty of the game is increasing as you go. The student has a mission: to collect a series of objects that the cat has lost in this game. And this is where you have to test your knowledge when it comes to multiplying. If you answer correctly another question will come and so on; in case of error, he is penalized and one life will be subtracted. However, successes are also rewarded by collecting new lives.

Meteor Multiplication

In Meteor Multiplication, students have their own ship, but meteorites threaten to destroy it. Each one of these meteorites includes a multiplication and with the keyboard arrows you have to shoot at the correct operation, always paying attention to the number of the ship. Game speed can be selected: slow, normal or fast.

The Grid Gang

It allows you to review from table 2 to table 12, and what the kids have to do is match each multiplication with its result. You can also try it with decimals. The game records number of actions, successes and time to know its evolution.

All the multiplication tables for primary school children

It is a link to different materials of interest. For example, there are some cards to print the multiplication tables for children and simple tricks to put into practice. In addition, there is a diversity of multiplication table games to learn the multiplication tables for children ranging from 1 to 10.

The mouse and the multiplication tables

The objective of this game, created by Mario Ramos Rodríguez, is for the mouse that is in the exit box of the labyrinth to reach the end to –as well- delight in a delicious piece of cheese. It will achieve its purpose as long as the students respond correctly to each of the multiplications indicated.

Board game to practice multiplication tables

In the blog “Learning Math” you will find this entry dedicated to the operation of multiplication that students can review in a playful way. The approach is very simple: “a board with colored squares and where to go forward you have to solve multiplications,” he explains. The materials needed to make the board and cards are indicated (step by step), and the methodology to be followed is also shown.

Velilla y la Matenave

Available on the Vedoque website, it offers two possible games: the first one focuses on the multiplication tables for children from 1 to 5 and the second one from 6 to 10. The protagonist of this story is the astronaut Velilla who You have to complete a mission: destroy the meteorites in your path while manning your Matenave.

Multiplication table bingo for elementary school children

From the Orientación Andújar page, this proposal is included, which has adapted this well-known board game to children’s multiplication tables. You can download all the materials you need for its implementation in the classroom.

Math bingo

The author of this proposal is Francisco José Reyes and it is part of a mathematics session focused on Game Based Learning. It can be used both individually (tablet) and collaboratively through the PDI. It is intended for students between 3rd and 5th grade of Primary who will work in addition to multiplication and addition through the well-known game of bingo but adapted to these two mathematical operations. Cardboards can be printed.

Educational games of Mathematics and Environment

It belongs to the Aula Juego site and in it you will discover playful activities focused on multiplication with which the kids will have fun while learning and reinforcing their knowledge and learning the multiplication tables.

Mathematical Magic Circles

Have you heard of Mathematical Magic Circles? It is a methodology that allows working the four basic mathematical operations, among which is multiplication. Based on mnemonics, this site explains in detail what it is and how it works, proposing some exercises.

Puzzles and multiplication tables for children

To review the multiplication tables from 2 to 9. According to click on one or the other, the game shows you different multiplications that the students must solve. Each time they hit, a piece of the puzzle before them will be discovered until all are completed.

Games with the multiplication tables for primary school children

Its mechanics are very simple. Each screen shows the student an operation that must be solved in a certain time. The result is in one of the submarines that you will see, so you will have to hurry so that the correct answer does not escape you.

Sushi Monster

Available free for iOS, this app has been developed so that kids from the age of 7 can strengthen their knowledge of mathematics through a fun and entertaining game in which a monster is hungry and needs to eat … sushi, of course. To make it, we will have to carry out certain operations correctly, including multiplication operations, in order to advance through the increasingly difficult levels.


A war between two sides, and our enemy defends itself with “mathematical shields” that, to eliminate them, we must decipher operations and find their solution. A simple approach to a fun game that we can access completely free through the web, indicating our center, class and name, thus creating a ranking system with the best schools.

Math vs Zombies, learn the multiplication tables

The classic Plants vs. Zombies is converted to be Math Vs Zombies, a version in which kids from the age of 7 can strengthen their knowledge of multiplication: their mission, to save the world from zombies by solving operations such as addition, subtraction and, for Of course, also math. Available for about 4 euros for iOS or Android devices.

Pet bingo

We already warn here that bingo is an excellent resource to use in our classes, and the Pet Bingo app, available on iOS and Android platforms, follows its philosophy and also has much more: bingo cards that to complete them we will have to solve certain operations , along with other games and minigames all in the same app. It also includes theoretical explanations and adapted to kids from 5 years.

Math Racing Game

A sports car on the track, followed by two opponents. Every few seconds, the game will ask us about the result of a certain two-digit multiplication, each with a maximum of one digit: our objective, to go as far as possible, better. A very elementary game aimed at those who are beginning to enter multiplication, that is, for the first years of Primary.

10 monkeys Multiplication

Of Finnish origin, this application is intended as a video game, with a background story and different levels to overcome. The objective is to free the monkeys that are trapped in baskets and, for this, we must correctly answer the free multiplication tables until we get enough points to rescue them.

Tikimates: multiplicar y dividir en primaria

With more than 90 levels ordered according to their difficulty in three different missions, it is used to practice multiplication tables and divisions, exercises that will be the basis of later knowledge as fractions or derivatives. In the first mission we work the multiplication tables of 2, 4, 5 and 10, suitable for 2nd Primary, in the second mission, we find the multiplication tables of 3, 6, 9 and 11, while in the third mission they are the multiplication tables of 7, 8 and 12, as well as a review of all the above. With these activities, the knowledge of the second cycle of Primary is complemented.

Tablas de multiplicar 

First select the multiplication tables you want to review and … start playing! Randomly operations will appear that you will have to solve in a set time and thus you will earn points. Increase the difficulty by incorporating more multiplication tables and test the skills of the little ones and the knowledge acquired.

Multiplying is divine

As if it were a comic book story, this game teaches children’s multiplication tables in an easy, fun and interactive way. The lessons are divided into fourteen blocks with games, each one appropriate to your level of knowledge. Created by Germán Rafael Gómez and Ignacio Luis Gómez, the game has sections for teachers and parents, as well as printed exercises to be done at home or in class.

Multiply in a pleat

Enhances visual memory, makes it easier to understand and minimizes the number of items memorized. It takes advantage of the visual memory and fosters the child’s deductive capacity, which allows the child’s memory effort to be reduced, all this in a playful and quick way. In addition, it incorporates an auto-correction system to facilitate the teacher’s work and enhance self-learning by the student and send error reports to teachers to optimize their work.

Primary World

Here we can find interactive templates with different multiplications that the student must solve. As they are solved, the screen advances.


It consists of clicking on the bubble that has the correct number of the result of the multiplications that are shown. It has a double difficulty, in addition to making you think about the result, you must also avoid clicking on the shark that goes from one side of the screen to the other.


Game in which the protagonist is a penguin, jumping from block to block. In each one of them a number is read, and the player must decide which one to jump based on the result of the multiplication that appears on the screen. In this way the mental calculation is streamlined while the child has fun.


Game reviews the multiplations in a dynamic and fun way. The user chooses a car, and must respond correctly to the multiplying accounts that appear on the screen for his vehicle to advance.

The Goose (multiplication)

The traditional game of the goose but focused on mathematics. Accessible for one or two players, it consists of moving the chip and solving the accounts that appear in each box. This activity reinforces the multiplication tables online at the same time that the children have fun playing.

Launch the rocket multiplying!

In order for the astronaut to advance square to square and reach his rocket, it is necessary to guess all the multiplications that are proposed and, at the same time, review them.

Mathematical animals

It is a set of interactive activities divided into three levels of difficulty. Level 1 multiplies by one digit, 2 by two digits and 3 by three digits. Includes led box and check button.

Cyberkids , multiplication tables from 1 to 10 for children

This game is made up of different screens that contain balls with numbers that bounce. Students must click on the ball with the correct answer. The first screens contain few balls, but as you go the number of balls will increase as well as the difficulty of the mathematical operation.

Review the multiplication tables online  with Mr. PI

The protagonist of this proposal is Mr. PI, a hero who must rescue his friend Bombi, who has been kidnapped by Malasombra. To help PI signs, students should propel the ship they are flying in. And how do they do it? Answering different questions from the multiplication table. If they hit, the ship will increase its speed; in case of failure, the one who will gain speed is Malasombra. Three levels of difficulty have been included.

Multiplication tables game from 2 to 9

This proposal is focused on studying multiplication tables in a playful way. To do this, it presents the different multiplication tables separately and the students have to memorize the results that appear on the screen. Thus, and when they think they already know them, they can practice it and check both the successes and the failures they have made until they completely master them.

El tanque matemático

The author of this website is Mario Ramos from Los Silos (Tenerife). It proposes different activities and games of multiplication tables for the students to study, practice and test their knowledge when it comes to ‘face’ the multiplication tables (from 2 to 9). The graphical interface has been taken care of in a special way and one of the most fun proposals is the multiplication table wheel; The Pythagorean table is also an interesting option with tricks when it comes to memorizing the different possible number combinations. Even a game has been included in which the students must help a mouse to get his piece of cheese through a maze with operations to complete.

Matemáticas con Mario 2

Mario is a pizza maker and the calculator he has has broken, so he asks the kids for help to do a few mathematical operations; if they solve the different operations correctly, they will get a free pizza! Students have three levels of difficulty at their disposal to choose from, complete two-digit and two-row operations, three-digit and two-row operations … It is possible to keep track of the number of successes and failures committed.

Catch the right one!

The mechanics of this multiplication table game is very simple and fun. Each of the screens poses a mathematical operation (for example, 7 x 4, 1 x 5, 7 x 9, 4 x 3 …) and the students have to click on the animal with the correct answer. They must be fast because they are very fast in their movement.

Games of multiplication tables from 1 to 5, and that of 10

This game of multiplication tables takes place in the circus world and the interesting thing is that, through the challenges posed, the students will understand in a pleasant way the process of multiplying operations, with didactic explanations and activities that recreate fun situations. . They will then test their knowledge. Of special use for 2nd and 3rd Primary students who will discover calculation strategies, comprehension and representation concepts …

In this link we find a set of multiplication tables that takes place in a car wash. The students must ensure that the cars that pass through it come out completely clean. How can they do it? Solving multiplication facts.

Smile and Learn

Magic Multiplications is an interactive multiplication table game from the Smile and Learn platform. You can choose activities to learn the concept of multiplication or minigames to practice with tables 1 to 10. Test your math skills in this mental calculation game! You can download Smile and Learn for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Times Tables Cowboy

A free app (but with built-in purchases) for Android and iOS that is developed in the old west and that students can use not only to learn multiplication tables, but also to improve their mental calculation skills. Before starting, they must create their own avatar and choose between one of the four levels of difficulty that exist. In addition, they get bonuses that are useful to build their western town. If they save the score they get they can challenge other friends or classmates.

Math Race

An application to review mathematical operations running in car races. To accelerate the vehicle, the student must give the correct answer to the mathematical operation proposed in the shortest possible time. The faster it is answered, the more speed the car will pick up. In addition to helping with math operations, it helps improve mental reflexes.

Learn the tables playing HD

A game designed for mobile devices that allows children from 4 to 10 years old to learn multiplication tables and other mathematical operations in a fun way. It has three levels of difficulty. In addition to the game, the application offers a resource to be able to access all the tables and consult them whenever an operation is in doubt.

Additon & Multiplication Number Bubbles

The classic bubble game adapted to multiplication tables. A result will appear on the screen and the student must choose those two bubbles, whose multiplication is that number. To play there are three modes: the time mode (get all the possible points in a certain time), survival mode (the game ends when a certain number of mistakes are made) and children’s mode (the same as the time mode but with less difficulty) .

Fruit trivial

It is about finding the value of each proposed fruit (banana, coconut and apple): if three apples add up to 30, how much is each apple worth? This is one of the exercises proposed by this YouTube channel, which solves each answer through mathematical calculations, rules of three, and other operations. 

Multiplication Chips

This educational board game incorporates a wooden plank with 101 colored pieces, in the shape of a cube, which has the multiplication tables on one side of the card, and on the contrary, its result. It also offers a manual with different languages and various activities to carry out and review the multiplications.

Ninja multiplications

It incorporates different game modes to learn by practicing with all the multiplication tables or randomly: get the best score by answering mathematical solutions until you fail, play against the clock and try to solve the maximum possible unknowns and duel with a classmate , friend or family member to check who solves the exercise before.

1-digit vertical multiplication

It is about solving 7 activities of multiplying in 10 seconds. To do this, introduce a mathematical operation (‘8 x 9’) and 7 different answers, among which the player must choose the correct one before time runs out. The website has more math games categorized by difficulty, digits, verticals and horizontals. 

Multiplication with fractions

Aimed at 5th and 6th grade students, it proposes to carry out multiplication with fractions: simplifying or multiplying them online. Each exercise increases the difficulty of the previous one. Insert the operation in the central part of the screen and in the lower part the numbers that represent the possible correct answers.