The main museums in the world take advantage of their Instagram channel to teach curiosities and different secrets about the works they host. It is information that not everyone knows and that can be used in Art History class to present the content in a more pleasant way.

Museums on Instagram

These are the five most active museums on Instagram:

El Prado (Madrid)

The strong point of the museum’s Instagram channel lies in the stories: every day they carry out a live show in which they explain in depth a work from their galleries to ensure that the art reaches as many people as possible. As it happens with all the stories of this social network, the direct ones are only kept 24 hours, after which time they are eliminated without a trace. This has allowed the museum to create a community of supporters and make the live time a special moment for many viewers.

In addition to this initiative, they daily publish a work within their biography and add the name, author and year of completion, as well as the room where it can be visited.

Louvre museum (Paris)

His profile on this social network reaches 3.8 million followers, making him the most popular in Europe on Instagram. What is its success? To which they dedicate their publications to explain details and curiosities of the different works that can be found within its walls. In addition, each publication includes an overview of the painting or outstanding piece, as well as two or three other detailed photographs that hide a secret or curiosity. In addition, you can also find small videos and photographs of the empty museum rooms, something that is unusual: in 2018 it received 10.2 million visits.

Museums on Instagram to study Art History 1

National Gallery (London)

In addition to showing the most famous corridors and works of the art gallery, they show the continuous work of the restorations, as well as information on the activities and events they carry out. They do it using both the biography photos and the direct ones and the videos in the stories. They even publish raffles in which you can get, among other things, trips to different parts of the world.

Natural History Museum (New York)

It is one of the channels that most interacts with the public and daily visitors: ask them to upload a photo in the museum to publish them all through the stories. Another part is reserved for playing trivia games about the animals and figures found in its galleries. In addition, experts and researchers from the museum explain the different works and talk about the investigations that are being carried out and the results of those already carried out.

Museum of Modern Art of New York (MoMA)

It is one of the most popular museums on Instagram worldwide. Day after day, they capture the attention of their more than 4 million followers, presenting their events and activities in the form of videos and direct stories. Meanwhile, he reserves the biography publications for his works (both from the temporary and permanent exhibitions), describing each one in detail.

Metropolitan Museum of New York

Popularly known as the MET, it was founded in 1870 and features works of art from around the world and spanning over 5,000 years. On their Instagram profile, they keep outstanding ‘stories’ from the most important exhibitions they currently have and encourage their followers to share content with the hashtag #MetAnywhere. From photography, paintings, sculptures or instruments … every day they upload an image to their biography explaining the origin of a work or the history of a film, among others.

Orsay Museum (Paris)

This gallery, dedicated mainly to the 19th century, shares in its account works by a different author every day of the week. Thus, he is making different artists known through his networks and encourages his followers to become familiar with the style of each one. In addition, the featured stories section offers educational podcasts on art and culture.

Hermitage Museum (Saint Petersburg)

With more than three million pieces, it has paintings, antiques, sculptures, oriental art, archaeological pieces … All the content they upload and share on their social networks is published in Russian and then in English, to make it more accessible to the rest of users. They have around four daily publications, making this a much more active museum on Instagram than other European centers.

Rijkmuseum (Amsterdam)

The community manager of the account of this museum goes out of the norm using a lot of humor and winks to the Dutch citizens (and the time). All works, photographs or artistic pieces that rise to the profile are related to customs, important days or current events. In addition, from the profile there is a link to the official page where you can attend a virtual visit to the best works within the museum completely free of charge and without registering. The user has the possibility to move through the corridors of the Rijkmuseum with the same ease with which one navigates through Google Street View.

Uffizi Gallery (Florence)

It is known worldwide for its collections of ancient sculptures and paintings from the Middle Ages to the modern period. His fourteenth-century and Renaissance-era paintings include masterpieces by authors such as Giotto, Botticelli, Leonardo, Raffaello, Michelangelo, or Caravaggio, as well as pieces by European artists from countries such as Germany or Belgium. In his Instagram profile there are publications of works with curiosities about the time in which they were made, their authors or the meaning or origin of said work.