Coloring templates are an ideal resource for working at home and on any level and subject. Thus, not only are those available to multiply interesting also those that allow children in Early Childhood Education and the first years of Primary to color, cut out and learn to draw , and which can be used as a basis for all kinds of activities. 

Webs to download coloring templates

Here we propose some of the best websites from which you can download these coloring and cutting templates.

Webs To Download Coloring Templates

Every few weeks they update the website, a huge repository where you can find hundreds of different templates organized by category and theme, many of them related to fashion cartoons (movies and series) or their most specific characters. There are all kinds, both simple and complex, and all of them completely free.

Another of the largest collections of coloring and painting templates on the Internet is the one available on, which in addition to allowing us to access a very wide variety with hundreds of templates on all possible themes, also includes sections with games, drawings, videos or other activities so that parents, teachers and teachers can enjoy together with their children / students.


The manufacturer of office and writing products, Pelikan, has a section dedicated to coloring and painting templates. Of their own and original design, they are very simple and elementary and are specifically designed so that children’s students can make their first strokes, discover new colors and even modify them to add new content to each one.

First School

Around the twenty drawings and templates are those found on this website, many of them very simple and elementary that will serve us to carry out activities beyond coloring and painting: for example, they can be cut to create ornaments and other elements of decoration, thus being an activity of plastic and creative art that goes far beyond simple drawing.

Junior Coloring

Hundreds of coloring templates organized according to categories and type of objects and products that we can paint, such as adventures, animals, cooking, toys, history … both simple and more complex, all very interesting to introduce to our Infant and Primary students in the use of paints for coloring and painting.

Planet drawings

Dozens and dozens of different categories and themes, many of them based on well-known cartoons and movies, are the ones found in Planeta Dibujos. A very wide selection of images that we can download and print, and that all of them are in black and white prepared to be filled with the color that our little ones prefer.

Just Color

Although they are intended for an adult audience as they are more relaxation-oriented resources, Just Color images will allow us to introduce our children or students to mandalas, tribal images, art or somewhat more complex compositions. Ideal proposals for those who already have a certain experience coloring and want to go for more convoluted and possibly entertaining drawings.

Hello Kids

Another one of those pages that provides hundreds of coloring sheets is Hello Kids, which also covers all the topics that we can imagine. We will find drawings slightly more complex than those of other proposals on the market, and even somewhat less childish; therefore, it is a very interesting web page to find coloring drawings for children in the intermediate grades of Primary.

Primary World

Home, animals, food, transportation, sports, family, universe … are just some of the twenty categories of coloring pages that Mundo Primaria offers, completely free of charge, to its users. Each one is also made up of several subcategories that, in turn, have various drawings that we can download and print; There are some easier proposals and others of greater complexity, so that it will be easy to find drawings that suit both Children and the most expert Primary colorists.


La Chiquipedia is an educational portal that, among many other things, provides multiple resources for children, and among them are children’s drawings to print and color. Multiple categories to separate the content and dozens of templates to download and use, both in class and at home, to have fun and learn.

Coloring: coloring templates

Another of those web pages that acts as a repository of different coloring materials, all of them designed for children’s use. In Coloring we will find hundreds of different templates about animals, nature, drawings, objects, instruments … come on, we can find almost anything we can imagine. Of course it is completely free and it is well divided into different categories so that we can find the content that best suits our needs.

First Palette

Dozens and dozens and dozens of coloring templates, completely free. Letters and numbers, animals, special for Christmas, flowers and nature or much more. In First Palette , in addition to these templates, we can also find many materials to create, for example, dioramas or masks, all designed to make use of these contents both in class and at home. A very interesting website in which to find crafts for our little ones.

Super Coloring

Specialized in coloring templates, Super Coloring contains more than 30,000 templates that we can use freely. One of its most characteristic notes is that it moves away from the simplest drawings and allows us to use a series of advanced and well-worked templates, the results of which can be spectacular. In addition to the templates as such, guides and tutorials for learning to draw also work, as well as puzzle games or dot drawing templates.

Crayola: templates to cut out and color

The well-known paint manufacturer Crayola also has a section for downloading coloring templates. With children’s motifs, although belonging to a multitude of different categories, we can find, in addition to the most classic drawings, some posters with information about, for example, animals or countries, science drawings, stations or world places.

National Geographic Kids

The efforts of National Geographic for disclosing the nature and the animal world also happens to offer a set of templates for painting and coloring, which divided into two parts: from A to I , and the J to Z . All of them are related, of course, with the topics covered in the well-known magazine, and provide a touch of complexity and realism that will surely appeal to the older children at school.

101 drawings

It offers all kinds of drawings from different popular animated series and movies, as well as animals, flowers, fruits and mythological creatures. Although the page name is 101 drawings, it allows you to download more than 200. In addition, it includes templates to color the letters from A to Z; in this way, the students can review the alphabet while they amuse themselves. 

Online Coloring

It not only allows you to download and print the templates to color them on paper, but it is striking that it can also be done from the computer, to print the creations once they are finished. Trades, sports, transport, bugs or flags are some of the drawings that make up the website. It also has an app to access from the mobile phone or tablets with iOS and Android systems.  

Child’s Guide

It is intended for the little ones (ages between 2 and 5 years) so that they begin to acquire drawing and painting techniques. It has 50 sheets of different elements: animals, food, everyday objects and characters. The page also has other sections for drawing with children up to 8-9 years old, divided into themes and ages. 

The Park of Drawings

Contains a large collection of coloring pages online, in PDF and for printing. The variety of these cards covers all ages, although the main ones are for Infant and Primary. Another of the exercises he proposes is design: model drawings to paint and combine colors, creatively design clothes, suits and accessories. 

Tales to color

Collect a multitude of educational resources to carry out through painting. Tales and fables are the main point of this virtual space, but not the only one, since among the didactic materials they offer are parts of the human body, numbers, letters, shapes, nature and cultures. They are ideal for painting and reviewing at home.