Films based on the figure of the teacher, to work on Emotional Intelligence or short films to educate in values. This time we bring you a series of short films to encourage teamwork.

Short Films To Encourage Teamwork

Now, we would like to suggest a selection of short films with which the students will learn the importance of teamwork. We have also included fragments of well-known animation films that will also be of interest to you. What other suggestions do you have?

Short Films To Encourage Teamwork
Office People Teamwork Process Metaphor. Creative Team Working Together for Business Success. Woman Work at Laptop, Archer Man Shooting to Target. Company Management. Cartoon Flat Vector Illustration.

The fruit of teamwork

It doesn’t last a minute and it doesn’t have any dialogue either. This short film reflects in a simple and direct way the result of working as a team to achieve a specific goal. The sentence that appears at the end of this piece says it all: “Working as a team divides the work and multiplies the results”.

Inside out

Thanks to this video extracted from the well-known Disney movie, you can work with students on the value of teamwork. Certain fragments have been selected – which are accompanied by small texts – through which it is explained how a work team is made up of members with different qualities, each of whom contributes something to the group. In the end all of them end up being necessary.

The 5 C’s of teamwork

It refers to the concepts of communication, coordination, complementarity, commitment and trust. To this end, this video takes as a reference the film Bugs, starring ants. At the end, some conclusions are drawn and the benefits of working in a group are noted.

Video about teamwork in the film Toy Story

It points out the three types of people that a group can have: the leader, the leader’s assistant and the members that make up the team itself; for this purpose, it takes as a reference the characters of this well-known animation film and describes the qualities and characteristics that define each of these profiles.

Collaborative work

What is the difference between collaborative and cooperative learning? This is the question with which this video begins and whose answer is explained in a very visual, simple to understand and with an example in which ICTs are present. Another different approach that reflects the benefits of betting on group work.

We are a team

“The important thing is not the position in which you play, but the effort of each player because despite the difficulties if the team is united never leaves. This sentence is an extract of the dialogue that appears in this short film and which shows how the family is a great team and that all together they can face the problems and adversities of life much better.

Teamwork in Penguins, Ants, Crabs

A fun animated proposal that to show the benefits of teamwork has selected three animals that given their nature tend to act in groups: the penguin, the ant and the crab. The laughter of the kids is guaranteed as well as the message that the piece transmits.

The Orchestra Man

It bears the stamp of the Pixar animation factory and its history shows, on the one hand, the importance and necessity of group work; on the other hand, it also teaches students that rivalries taken to the extreme are harmful as this implies that one person will always come out on top. It features two street performers playing music and a young girl holding a coin. How will the situation end?

Carrot Crazy

The United Kingdom is the country of origin of this proposal that will be released in 2011. It tells the story of two hunters (Max and Duke) with the same objective: to catch the third protagonist of this short film, a rabbit. However, each one will apply their own techniques and will resort to a lot of carrots! But there will come a time when this mission will get out of hand when the rivalry between the two will come to the fore.

Bugs, to develop teamwork

This piece is taken from the film Bugs and can be used in the classroom as a short film to teach students the benefits of teamwork through cooperative work to achieve success in their goal.

Sweet Cocoon

This animated short film was filmed in France and was recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with an Oscar nomination. It tells the story of a caterpillar that will become a beautiful butterfly. But it won’t be easy, because entering the cocoon will be more difficult than you thought. Fortunately, the collaboration of two small insects that were passing through the area will be of great help.

To Cloudy Lesson

Stories starring grandparents and grandchildren are always endearing and this proposal is also appealing to the imagination. It lasts less than three minutes and has no dialogues. Will the little one in this animated story manage to form clouds of different shapes in the air with the help of a somewhat special tool; it is a piece that can also be used to work with the students with patience.


Taking as a reference the title of this proposal, which translated from English means bridge, this story is located precisely in a bridge. Located in the middle of nature, on one side we have a deer and a bear and, on the other, a raccoon and a rabbit. What these four animals will teach is that cooperation and help are essential when it comes to achieving the same goal. While deer and bear will not agree on how to cross the bridge and get to the other end, raccoon and rabbit will know how to resolve their differences to achieve this.


This animated character, half dog, half chicken, has been created by the Uruguayan studio 3DCG Animation. In YouTube it is possible to find different short films with a concrete educational value for the students, like the one we propose here to work in the classroom what means the teamwork and how to achieve it. Perropollo wants to play basketball but his small stature does not allow him to score. Will he succeed in the end?

The Moon

It carries the industry’s Pixar label and, like Sweet Cocoon, was nominated for the Oscar statuette in the category of best animated short film. Talking about teamwork implies doing it from different perspectives, and the one proposed here focuses especially on the idea of raising the thoughts that each one has as part of the group.