Puzzles are fun pastimes that offer a different way to learn and teach new subjects. They are a resource that many teachers can use in their classes, thanks to the multiple applications that allow them to create them.

Create Educational Puzzles

Create Educational Puzzles

Below is a selection of apps for creating educational puzzles and brainteasers.

Jigsaw Planet

Free of charge, this online app allows you to design all kinds of personalized and interactive puzzles through photographs selected by the creator. To do this, it is necessary to upload the photograph, indicate the number of pieces you want to create and the degree of complexity. Once created, it is possible to share it with students through social networks, personal accounts and even publish it in a blog to facilitate access to students.

Junior Puzzles

It allows to create puzzles through images whose pieces can be designed in several formats: basic, classic, triangular, rectangular, oval and star. To form the puzzle you only have to select the number of pieces and their design and then share it with the people you want to solve it. It also has a ranking in which you can see who has solved it in the shortest time possible.


It has a multitude of pre-made puzzles divided into categories such as letters, numbers, book characters or colors. They are designed to be solved by the little ones. They can be done online for free and can be used to work on different skills. The page is in English, so it can be used for activities in this subject.

Puzzle Creator

Application available for Android that provides the possibility of creating different puzzles for children through images selected by the user. It allows to adapt it to the level of difficulty depending on the person who is going to make them, since they are thought for ages between 1 and 6 years. The free version has 4 puzzles and can be extended to 16 through a premium subscription.

I’m a puzzle

This website has its own images on different themes for the creation of puzzles and puzzles as well as the possibility of uploading your own photographs. It has different game modes, including classic, heart, math and exam. In each of them it is possible to select the difficulty to adapt it to the needs of the students. Once created, it can be shared through email or social networks. Its use is totally free and registration is not required, although it is recommended to store the creations.