Creating, sending or modifying documents are tasks that can be practiced anywhere and, nowadays, much more thanks to smartphones and tablets. Which are the best applications to take notes or have access to modify documents no matter where you are?

Applications For Creating And Modifying Documents

Here are the best applications for creating and modifying documents.

Text scanner – OCR text recognition

It is a text converter that digitizes and recognizes paper texts. The user must open the application and select ‘add document’: the device’s camera will open and, focusing on the sheet or file, it will scan the words, so that a new one is created in ‘.doc’ format with all the information. It also offers the possibility of converting it to PDF and sharing it via email or WhatsApp, among other options.

Power PDF

To create and edit PDF documents on your iPad or iPhone. It does this from multiple file types including DOC, XLS, PPT, TXT, RTF, XML, HTML and all types of text files. In addition, it converts photos, scans using the camera, divides documents, deletes pages.

Here are the best applications for creating and modifying documents.

OfficeSuite Pro 8

It allows you to open, edit and modify text documents in DOC, DOCX, DOCM, RTF, TXT and LOG formats, XLS, XLSX, CSV and XLSM spreadsheets and PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, PPTM and PPSM presentations. It also supports formats such as PDF, EML, ZIP, and stores files both on the device and in the cloud. There is a free version and a full-featured and paid version.

Kingsoft Office

It boasts of being one of the office automation apps best valued by users, due to its features and the fact that it is free. It supports 23 types of word processing files, spreadsheets and presentations, and supports cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Box.


For the simplest tasks, this app is designed to read and edit simple text documents at any length on Android devices. It includes tools to search and replace words, count them, autosave function.

Google Docs

Within Google’s office suite, called Drive, we find Docs, the software for editing documents through any browser or the apps available for iOS and Android. What we do is automatically saved in the cloud and is accessible from any place or device, and also has several templates to start work or multiple options for exporting documents to, among other formats, the universal pdf.


To draw and write with realistic strokes. All ideas can be captured as sketches, diagrams, illustrations, notes or drawings, and then shared on Tumblr, by email or on social networks. Compatible with iOS devices, it’s free to download but additional tools can be purchased from within the app.


It allows to complete the annotations with images, graphics, handwritten texts and even audio recordings. In addition, it includes a function to search by both the title of the note and its content. It is compatible with the iPad and costs 4.49 euros.

WPS Office

This free office suite for Android and iPad devices has a well thought out user interface, with a toolbar that brings together the most commonly used document creation and editing options. It supports a multitude of file formats and cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Drobox and Box. It has free versions and a paid version that unlocks some additional functionalities.

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iMindMap HD

More than to write, it is a tool to create schemes and mind maps (one of the many and very good ones that exist) since, to the texts, you can add graphics, drawings, presentations, documents… Then, it synchronizes all those contents between the different devices that have it installed, for which it is necessary to register for free. The download is also free, both on iOS and Android devices.

Microsoft Word

Since a few weeks the popular office software works for free and without subscription on iPad as well as on Android tablets and for Windows systems. In addition to Word, versions for Excel and PowerPoint tablets are now available, all of which are included in the Microsoft Office suite.


This application allows you to take notes in class directly on the tablet’s touch screen just as you would on paper, adding this feature to Evernote.

Hanx Writer

It brings the experience of writing on a classic typewriter to the tablet, adding the comforts of digital text entry (such as the delete key, for example). With it you can send texts by email, print and share writings… As a curiosity, it has been created by the actor Tom Hanks. Available exclusively for iOS devices and free of charge.

iA Writer

Its design is extremely minimalist, so that we can only concentrate on the text. In fact, the window has no borders, the title bar disappears, the text has no font and there are no preferences. It does, however, offer data on how long it takes to read what we have written and the number of words.

Apple Pages

This iOS app is a word processor with all the tools needed to create documents, which also allows you to work on Mac computers or with Word users. It has multiple tools for customizing text, creating graphics and illustrations… you can even activate your camera to insert an image and work on it.

Moleskine Journal

From the manufacturers and designers of the legendary notebooks comes Moleskine Journal, an app that will allow you to express yourself both graphically and textually through your device. Free and available for iOS, Android and Windows devices, it allows you to put on virtual paper everything you have in your head and store all these creations in the cloud, being accessible from anywhere.


The well-known cloud storage platform, Dropbox, allows the editing of files and text documents through an integration with Microsoft Office. Everything is done completely online and as easy as opening the respective file from the Dropbox interface, which will allow us to have a complete editor for each file.


Available for Windows and MacOS systems, Scrivener is a different text editing application from the more common ones. It is designed to be comfortable for all those writers who need to produce long and highly structured texts, such as books or ‘complex’ documents. To this end, its interface has been prepared to allow the writer to focus on the content, with many advanced options to make the job easier. Although its price is $45, a free version is available for a few days so that you can try it out thoroughly.


Another of those multi-platform and cloud-based applications that allow us to modify documents online is Zoho, an office suite whose text editor, called Writer, is complete and elegant. There are versions for multiple devices (web browser, or also apps for iOS and Android) and of course includes collaboration options, through which several users can simultaneously edit the same file.


This editor is somewhat peculiar in that it uses the Markdown system, widely used in forums, websites and different platforms on the Internet, to format the content we are creating. Something similar to editing an html file, but with a different syntax much more friendly and comfortable to read that, all said, is increasingly used worldwide. Available exclusively for Apple devices, including the MacOS desktop system and the iOS system for iPhone and iPad, for a price ranging between 6.99 and 12.99 euros.