The practical skills that emotional intelligence brings together are divided into five areas:  self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. We have compiled the following selection of short films on emotional intelligence for Infant and Primary, with which students will reinforce their skills, become aware of the feelings and needs of others …


This is the name of the protagonist of this short film, a girl who despite her disability (she is deaf) wants to become a dancer . Although she cannot listen to the music, Tamara feels it without it being an impediment to fight for her dream and achieve it. This example of self-improvement helps to work empathy, and also to show that despite diversity, equal opportunities also exist.

Colorful city

Not all people have the ability to feel and express their feelings in the same way . This piece shows us by telling the story of a happy young man who thanks to his attitude and gestures manages to color the gray and sad feeling that he finds around him. One day he will meet a young woman and our protagonist will feel sensations that he had never had before.


How many times have we not heard the expression ‘what would you be able to do for love’? Octapodi answers this question with a short film with humorous overtones and very catchy music that will make you smile a few. It is the story of two loving octopuses who are separated when the female is acquired for a seafood restaurant. The male octopus stops the impossible to recover his beloved.

Color your world with Kindness

The purpose of this short film is to promote generosity, kindness or empathy, which wants to make the world a better place , because small actions often make a difference.

Short Films To Educate In Values

A kiss before breakfast

In video story format, this proposal shows how caresses, hugs and, of course, kisses, are necessary for the development of a good emotional base . You can complete it with an experience like the one proposed by the teacher Elena in her blog Diary of a teacher: Elena’s classroom .

The Biggest Flower in the World

This story written and narrated by José Saramago is about a child who grows up in a world broken by individualism, despair and lack of ideas, where selfishness, lack of solidarity or love of life prevail. The child takes a trip to his interior in search of the essential values ​​that will help him give meaning to his life and his childhood will become the place to rediscover the best of himself.

When I’m angry

Beatriz Montero tells this story by Trace Moroney, from the SM publishing house, which explains to children that anger is a normal feeling, as long as no one is hurt . The best time to listen to it is when children get angry as they will learn to control it and have a healthy self-esteem. This video was broadcast on the children’s program ‘La merienda’, Tenerife, in 2013.

Paula and her multi-colored hair

Try to teach children to identify basic emotions such as joy, sadness, anger or fear so that later they accept them and can express and channel them in a positive and healthy way. The story, by Carmen Parets, is written in simple language, recommended for children from 3 years old. In addition, it has an extensive collection of free resources and complementary activities that can be found on its Facebook page .

The Monster of Colors

Anna Llenas tells the story of the Monster of Colors, who makes a mess of emotions and has to solve the mess. It is a great support to explain emotions to the little ones , since after listening to it they can develop a lot of activities where they can express their feelings themselves.

Divided brain  

This animated short film shows how the two hemispheres of the male brain work when faced with a romantic date with a woman . On the one hand, there is the correct and coherent and, on the other, the sensitive and sexual. It is a humorous film made by Josiah Haworth, Joon Shik Song and Joon Soo Song that shows that battle between the head and the heart.

The Rainbow Fish

In the ocean there is a beautiful fish called Arcoiris for its precise color scales and which everyone admires for its great beauty. But in reality this beautiful fish is alone, his selfishness makes none of his companions want to play with him . A story by Marcus Pfister that teaches how important it is to share.


It is an emotional, fun and tender animation about friendship . Its authors, Ludovic Gavillet, Lucas Hudson, Colin Jean-Saunier and Dérya Kocaurlu, are four students from a renowned Art and Design school in Lyon (France) who have managed to reach the hearts of young and old. The protagonists are two totally different friends who value friendship above all else, knowing how to recognize mistakes and learning from them.


Graciela Beatriz Cabal’s story tells how a child experiences different situations of fear : of darkness, noise, short people, tall people, etc., until he adopts a dog and eats all his fears. A story of strength to overcome a difficult situation.

The Bridge

This short film teaches teamwork . A deer, a rabbit, a bear and a raccoon convey the message that in this world there is room for everyone if we collaborate and do our part. Everything happens when crossing a narrow bridge; the bear and the deer face each other while the rabbit and the raccoon help each other to overcome obstacles … And they succeed.

My side of the scarf

Carmen Parets is the author of this story about the friendship of two friends, Héctor and Violeta. Teach the little ones the value of true friendship through a scarf that unites them, sometimes it seems that it separates them, others fills them with love and sometimes it is as if they were drowning. A metaphor for the value of true friendship.

For the birds

Animated short film from Pixar studios that premiered in 2000. The plot unfolds on a telephone cable, where 15 small birds begin to mock a larger bird .

Chicken or The Egg

This proposal, with romantic overtones and a touch of humor, tells the story of a little pig who is passionate about eating eggs . But one day he falls in love with a chicken and will have to choose, the chicken or the egg?


It barely lasts two minutes, but it is of special interest to work empathy with the little ones and also raise awareness about the care of animals .

The Power of Empathy

It is a short film by the Doctor in Social Work Brené Brown, who has dedicated part of her professional career to studying courage, vulnerability or shame as some of the difficulties that prevent people from connecting and communicating with each other .

Lena’s eyes

The protagonist of this story is Lena, a young girl who one day visits the zoo in the company of her mother. But the zoo is not the place she had thought it would be because animals don’t get the treatment they should. Lena feels bad and decides that she has to change things .

As a complement to this material, we suggest that you take a look at the entry How to work with emotional intelligence in Children? : in it you will find mini-stories, activities …; and short films to educate in values , with which the student will reflect on friendship, teamwork, respect for people … Both will be of interest to you.