The massification of e-book readers has made many interested in knowing where to download free epub or PDF books for later reading. This time we have compiled the best websites to download free books.

Websites To Download Free Books

What are the best websites to download free books? Read on to find out!

Websites To Download Free Books

Digital Books

With a collection of more than 100,000 titles in different formats, including the specific one for Kindle, ePub and audiobooks or podcasts, this portal has a search engine that includes results from Librivox, Gutenberg, Google Books, Open Library, and even, Amazon. It searches for works by genre, by trend or best rated, and they are offered in 10 different languages.


This site provides access to more than 50 million digitized files such as books, music, artwork and more, with search and filtering tools to help you find what you’re looking for. The ‘teachers’ part is interesting, where different teachers write learning scenarios on a variety of topics. They also offer didactic resources that are useful for classroom teaching.


This is a website that offers free books in the public domain or published under open licenses. Most of the authors are classics of world literature, but their collection also includes current public domain books under free distribution licenses. The formats offered on the website are: PDF, ePub and mobi. In addition, throughout the week, it offers different collections divided by theme or genre. Thus, examples of these are: horror and thriller novels, 20 books to read in the quarantine #YoMeQuedoEnCasa or books taken to the cinema, among others.

Loyal Books

With content available in more than 6 languages, this website offers not only books in digital format, but also has a very extensive collection of audiobooks of all kinds, from classic titles to some more modern ones. All the works offered in this portal have been digitalized by They are divided by genre in the left column and there is also a range of books available for purchase.

An independent, open and free library for reading and publishing in digital format all kinds of texts in a legal way. Any user can read and publish as many texts as they wish, regardless of their nature, duly accrediting their authorship and labelling them so that they can be properly catalogued, also indicating the legal licence that allows them to be read and downloaded free of charge. It aims to be a reference community in the field of the Spanish language, a meeting point for all lovers of literature, where you can find titles of our literature in an easy, accessible and free way.

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Biblioteca Digital Hispánica (National Library of Spain)

The Hispanic Digital Library is part of the BNE -Spanish National Library-, which is run by the Ministry of Culture. On its website you can find all kinds of free downloadable works from epub for viewing. Generally historical documents, manuscripts and unique works that have been scanned to share culture with anyone interested. This is where we will find the creations of authors in the public domain, such as Garcia Lorca recently added to this list.

Biblioteca Cervantes

Another entity of special importance in Spain that offers a complete digital library for free download is the Biblioteca Cervantes. In addition to works, it houses all kinds of information on writers such as Cervantes himself or Calderón de la Barca, including both the first editions of his works and other studies, essays and analyses by third-party experts.


Although developed by individuals, Libroteca is a complete digital library with more than 50 thousand books in different languages and genres, which have the characteristic of being classics of literature. An interesting resource to download free books of historical literature, and not only Spanish.

Project Gutenberg

Created in the 1970s, Project Gutenberg is a private initiative with volunteers from all over the world, whose objective is to digitize the world’s cultural archive, being defined as the “oldest” and oldest digital library. It currently has more than 53 thousand books that can be downloaded completely free, and that are available in dozens of languages and formats such as pdf or ePUB.


It turns out that the giant online shopping portal, Amazon, not only has one of the largest digital bookstores in the world – it’s said to be around a million books – but it also offers a catalogue of free books, many of them classics of Spanish and international literature and as many novels by amateur or initiated writers. To access them, all we have to do is go to their website and search for “free books”, or click on this link, in order to download them to Kindle readers or their apps on different platforms.


An online shop of completely free books, generally on technical and very specific subjects with hardly any novels or other books of a more general nature. OpenLibra is a good, well-implemented and easy-to-use platform whose content is completely free, and which will allow us to download free e-books with manuals, theoretical introductions to certain topics or essays, among many other topics.


An international platform that mainly offers books in English, but also has material in other languages… including Spanish. Free-eBooks provides digital books completely free and belonging to all genres, on an infinite number of subjects; it is also a platform on which to offer your small creation if you are interested in advertising.


Born a few years ago as a revitalization of the book sector, the goal of 24symbols is to offer a catalogue with several thousand electronic books available. Although they offer a premium service to which you can subscribe in order to access all the titles, they also have a free modality through which you can consult a fraction of them without any cost, and through both a browser and mobile devices.


Although it is originally an online store where we can buy thousands of books on any subject and subject, FeedBooks also has a couple of interesting sections whose content can be downloaded for free: public domain books and free original books. In the first one we will find great literature classics, mainly in English, while in the second one we will be able to access all those books whose authors have decided to distribute them for free through this platform.


Born in the digital era, Literanda is an online publishing house and bookstore that houses dozens of different works, both paid and free, on its website. They also have their own publishing platform through which anyone can create and self-publish their work, making their catalogue very diverse and varied.


A website about ‘digital culture’ that promotes reading through the download of DRM-free books, including both a multitude of completely free titles and others with modest prices. In addition to literature, at Lektu you can also find audio books, podcasts and multimedia proposals (audios, videos) of all themes, colours and flavours.

The House of the Book

Like many other online digital book stores, La Casa del Libro also offers a complete free ebook section to download free books and use in our ebook reader without any limitation. From technical manuals to guides or, in general, all kind of books without any cost, including also some novels of more and less known authors of international literature.

Goose and Octopus

They define themselves as ‘an independent, non-profit publishing project that aims to re-edit and publish/disseminate various literary texts that are difficult for potential readers to access’, which is why the Goose and Octopus catalogue – in the public domain, i.e. free and open access – will mainly contain old works that are no longer under intellectual property ownership. Classics by Echegaray, Larra, or Pérez Zúñiga, among several dozen other authors, who published their books between 1873 and 1929. A paradise for lovers of 14th century Spanish literature. There is also space for magazines and leaflets about Spain at that time.

Bubok for free book download

An independent publishing house, based in Spain, which ‘offers any author the tools and services necessary to edit their works and publish them’, all through the Internet and in a comfortable and simple way for the creator. Bubok works mainly in the Spanish-speaking field and includes several hundred thousand titles published in recent years, many of them paid but many others completely free, belonging to all kinds of subjects.

El Corte Inglés

Among the almost half a million electronic books that El Corte Inglés has at its customers’ disposal, a significant fraction are completely free, and many of them belong to the great classics of both Hispanic and international literature. It’s worth checking out the catalog to find some historical works, which you can download for free in epub format completely free of charge.