Now that you have to be confined at home until the end of the Coronavirus health crisis, reading can become a good ally. For example, various publishers are offering free catalog titles for adults and children in ebook, audiobook and PDF formats . However, this is not the only option for literature lovers: several digital libraries have opened their offer to all audiences. Others, however, permanently offer free content and resources throughout the year .

Municipal Network of Libraries of Seville

Driven by the city of Seville, the Municipal Library Network Sevill to offer Internet users more than 2,700 e – books at no cost to your pocket. Among the authors of these works, names such as Benito Pérez Galdós, Emilia Pardo Bazán, Alejandro Dumas, Edgar Allan Poe, Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, Juan Valera, Miguel de Cervantes… stand out.

Euskadi Digital Library

During the duration of the confinement, it is possible to access the electronic catalog of this virtual space through the eLiburutegia platform , which can be consulted in Basque, Spanish and English without having to have a membership card. Simply request a password to access this email address: [email protected]. Its offer includes more than 20,000 electronic books (streaming, EPUB, audibooks …) and to facilitate the search, recommendations related to, for example, the most borrowed or best valued, are suggested. There is also a section dedicated to films with 15,000 references.


This is the name of the free online e-book loan service provided through the public libraries of our country. It is operational in all the autonomous communities, with the exception of the Basque Country, which has its own platform called eLiburutegia. Its free access guarantees that the user can immerse himself in more than 22,000 books and 1,122 audiobooks. In normal circumstances, access would require a membership card, but now it is enough to pre-fill this form .

Galicia Le

Galicia Le is the name given to the e-book lending platform of the public libraries of this autonomous community: now, as with the cases of eLiburutegia and eBiblio, this virtual space has been opened free for anyone who wants to use it . This content is completed with movies.

United States Library of Congress

519 works from the Library of Congress of the United Kingdom s offer open for Internet users anywhere in the world access to its content, both in PDF and EPUB. Each of the books includes an information sheet that, among other data, shows the year of its publication, the language and the topic it deals with.

National Emergency Library

Since March 24, and until the end of this health crisis, thanks to the work of the Internet Archive, it is possible to access the more than 1.4 million electronic books that this online library houses . Most of the catalog is in English, but 18,906 references (essays, volumes of History …) are in Spanish.

Project Gutenberg

He began to take his first steps in 1971 at the hands of the American writer and philanthropist Michael Hart. Currently, Project Gutenberg brings together more than 60,000 free electronic books that can be downloaded in different formats. They can also be read directly from its website. Most are ancient literary works published before 1924. In addition to English, the other languages ​​available are French, German, and Portuguese.

World Digital Library

It has the backing of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and its catalog allows you to consult more than 19,000 works registered between the years 8000 BC and 2000. Your search engine includes the following search fields : place, period, subject, type of article, language and institution.