Many students can not write on the computer using the keys correctly. With these programs and games (there are free and paid), the student can learn typing . In addition, a website with a multitude of recommendations is included.


An online typing course for students from 8 to 12 years old who uses gamification to capture their interest. To do this, he proposes an adventure story that takes place in the galaxy and in which the students have the mission of saving the universe . They will do this by typing as fast as possible, allowing them to progress through the game. After completing the 20-module course, students must take a test as an exam to check their level of speed. If done correctly, they will be awarded a typing diploma.

Fairy Magic

The mechanics of this game is quite simple, because what it is about is that students catch as many letters as possible that fall through the screen of their computer. How do they catch them? Pressing the corresponding key on the keyboard. The more hits they get the better as they accumulate more points and the difficulty of the game and the challenges to overcome grow.

Stack of glasses

Test your students’ finger agility in front of the keyboard with this simple set of glasses . In each of the images shown there are three rows of glasses and what you have to do is type as quickly as possible the letter marked in black on each of the glasses because time runs against it.

Type the tone

The students in this activity put themselves in the shoes of a guitarist and must help him in his goal: to find the tones. They will succeed if they pay attention to the pentagram that this guitarist has behind him, since each of the musical notes incorporates a letter that they must mark to reach their goal. There are three levels of difficulty to choose from.

Moon Type

The Moon is in danger because some ships want to invade it. With this game you can prevent these attacks from taking place, you have to shoot them down by typing the words inside each one of them.

Spider Type

It is made up of three levels of difficulty and also allows students to improve their knowledge of English since the words they have to type – to prevent chameleons from catching the spider Berry that stars in this game – are in this language. In turn, each of these three levels includes tests that as they are passed require greater agility and writing skill. Each test that is passed has a reward, an extra life.

Hexamano’s challenge

This game is presented to students as a challenge. Which? They have to remove from their protagonist the six letters in their possession by typing them in the shortest possible time. Each mistake they make will take time and this will influence the final score. It focuses on the center row and also shows the correct position of each finger when writing.


proposal designed for students studying at Secondary, Baccalaureate or any other higher educational level. The section ‘Typing course’ brings together several free lessons that help to type both in the case of not knowing how to review some concepts of this discipline. Meanwhile, ‘Speed ​​test’ – as its name already indicates – shows how to improve finger speed when typing. The results obtained are accumulated to know the progress made. There is also a link to various typing games.

Dance Mat Typing

This site , available in English, introduces students between the ages of 7 and 11 to the world of typing in a fun and entertaining way. It does this through different levels. The first, for example, focuses on the keys in the start row. From here, and as the levels are happening, the degree of difficulty also. Visually, this resource is very attractive.

Scary Witch Typing

game that consists of “hunting” the witches that appear on the screen, each of which carries a letter that must be marked with the keyboard to catch as many as possible. Finger agility is tested as levels grow.


With this proposal, students will not only learn to use the keyboard correctly, they will also improve their knowledge in English, since the page is only available in this language. Each of the boxes shown gives access to a free lesson that is explained clearly and in detail. After a certain number of lessons, games and exercises are suggested to put the acquired knowledge into practice.


It is an online game that consists of writing a text while a dinosaur-shaped doll is advancing. When the user makes a mistake, the panel turns red for correction. In addition, it offers two modalities to catch fluency by typing: practice or play to compete with other users. And if you want to register the games, you just have to register.

Typing with Vedoque

This proposal includes five large blocks for students to learn to type. On the one hand, it incorporates activities to work the central row of the keyboard and, on the other, exercises focused on the upper row. There are also specific proposals for the bottom row, numbers, capitals, and accent marks. All this is complemented by different games to learn playfully.


F or signed by 20 lessons that are increasing the difficulty level, this online program also features interactive games, timed tests (to measure progress and speed of studentswriting), error history … The interface of the program is formed through three windows: the one at the top shows the lesson being taught, the one at the bottom on the left indicates the keys to press, and the one at the bottom on the right is used to learn which letters correspond to each finger.


M e jorar typing accuracy when using the keyboard and writing fingers are the main objectives of this program ., Which allows studentscreate their own lessons. They begin by combining groups of letters, to then form syllables and gradually increase the level of difficulty of the words. Uppercase, lowercase, numbers and those symbols that are less commonly used can also work. It is possible to consult the history with the evolution of the kids.

Typing 10

This program  helps the fingers become agile and make no mistakes. The students have to overcome 36 levels whose difficulty is increasing; There is the option of creating multiple users and managing their progress, as well as preparing our own exercises.

Cyberkidz: Learn Typing

On the Cyberkidz page we find this game to learn typing that can be interesting for Primary students. Its interface has bright colors and what they have to do is write the words that appear on the screen. At the end, the time it took to complete the exercise is indicated, so they can repeat it as many times as they want to improve their writing speed.


Do you remember the PacMan game? PacWriter is a fun version adapted from this classic so that Infantile students become familiar with the computer keyboard. The mechanics are very simple: our character finds himself on his way with colored crystals that have letters written on them that must be typed correctly to advance in the story and not be caught by a ghost. This path has several obstacles that will have to be overcome as well.

NovoTyping Professional 

This solution to learn typing has been developed by the Equaltic company . Stored in the cloud and specifically designed for educational centers, novoTyping Professional incorporates different modules and, in addition to offering a work environment for the student, it also has a specific one for teachers with monitoring lists of students, charts to check their evolution , on-screen display of the results of the lessons … As it is suitable for both face-to-face and distance learning, students can take the course not only in the classroom but at home with the same license that the center has acquired. Being based on a hybrid system, it is possible to continue practicing even when there are occasional cuts in the Internet connection.

This 15-hour online course (costs 49.50 euros and you must take a final exam to receive a diploma) is divided into 30 lessons that combine a theoretical part with another practice. To do this, students must go hunting for treasure with Captain Forty, an adventure that will allow them to learn typing as they solve the proposed activities and games. One of the most attractive features of this course is that it detects the letters that require the most effort, automatically adapting the exercises to enhance those that are most difficult for them. You can access a free trial by clicking on the following link .


In it , you will find 179 games to learn typing that help you type with speed and precision. Crazy Keys, Stacks of Glasses, Balloons, Excuses Excuses, Mountain of Words or Meandering Write are some of the proposals included.

Online Typing

Free of charge, the course proposes to teach students to acquire fluency typing with a keyboard by writing sample texts. Attach instructions in video format and theoretical lessons to prepare for the test in advance and allow you to work with different QWERTY, AZERTY, DVORAK keyboards and in 6 languages: Spanish, Dutch, English, German, Italian and French. 


The course for both teachers and students is online and free. To overcome it, they must take a test that determines the degree of learning according to the precision when writing words per minute. It includes a document with advice on movement and posture techniques to perform during the course and its certification degree is divided into three different levels: Silver (low level), Gold (intermediate) and Platinum (professional). 


Available for mobile devices and computers, to overcome this game it is necessary to help a ninja to reach her destination. The path is full of letters and characters that must be pressed to continue. From your website, you choose a character and language and start the adventure by typing. No registration is required to practice this technique. 


It consists of more than 20 interactive and guided lessons to prepare the precision test in the test. To carry it out, it is necessary to register in advance and choose the language in which you want to learn: English, French, German, Brazilian, Italian and Spanish. At the end of the test exam a certificate is included with the result and a ranking with the best positions for precision and speed.